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Hey everyone,

    Since last year I did a panel on playing 4th edition, and it went off so well I thought I would try doing a panel on Dungeon Mastering 4th edition this year. While most of this information can be used for 3.5 or other RPGs, I am going to focus on 4th edition mainly because it is newer and people are still learning about it.
     I figured I should get an early start on things this year because I also have a few more responsibilities. So the question is, "What do you want to learn?" Do you want to learn more about finding groups? Maybe dealing w/ bad characters or players and creating party balance? How about making stories, or appropriate encounters? Depending on interest I may even work to provide people who wish to try a hand at DMing a group of characters and a story so they may try it out. However that will be determined by response. So let me know what you think and what you want and I'll try to do my best to give it to you.

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