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AMVs at Snow-ball, and - aw, craps!
« on: January 19, 2009, 07:36:32 pm »
I have created a 4 1/2 hr AMV playlist for the Snow Ball evening dance.
It will be played with the sound off, so I selected pretty-flashy-effects works.

I heard there will be some sort of Monte Carlo / scrip or chip casino event too.

I WILL BRING MY CRAPS FELT AND DICE!! I enjoy running the table, and I should be able to handle up to 6 players at a time.
I will run regular Vegas street odds (the classic game) and 2/2.5 odds on the Pass Line.

If you've never played, this is a great way to learn without losing [real] money and having to miss a car or mortgage payment. Also when played to strategy, it's the second fairest casino table game, at 50.2% favour toward the house. The only exception is card-counting in blackjack - but since there's NO limit to the number of times I can roll say, an 8, because the dice don't 'run out' of 8s like a shoe runs low on face cards during its play. So there's no counting or memorization or nutty mathematical/memory buffer tricks - every roll has the exact probability of the last one, even if the shooter just threw six 11s in a row. What's the chance he'll throw another 11? Exactly the same as it was the roll before.

If most of the players are new or novices, I will run the table slowly so we can explain and learn what's happening. Then we'll speed up a little bit as people pick up their techniques. Running alone, I usually end up running around half the speed of a casino craps pit (which takes 4 people to run and they can play 16 - 32 people max. Now THAT's a party!)

Craps is also the noisiest table game in a casino. It's OK to hoot and holler anytime.
Most players are excited and positive, and a good pit crew feeds off of that with their patter.
It's never dreary or intense like poker or blackjack. You're also not competing against other players.

For you Roman historians, craps was invented in the Roman empire (SPQR!) and sometimes played with somewhat rectangular dice so that not all numbers had equal odds. The Latin expression alea iacta est ("the die is cast") means gaming dice and not die-cast metals (foundry work) because repeat-filling metal molds (dies) hadn't been invented yet. (Not for another 1800 yrs or so.)

I also can bring a baccarat felt and a 4-deck shoe if someone know how to deal that game.
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Re: AMVs at Snow-ball, and - aw, craps!
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2009, 08:15:39 pm »
Im really excited to see Craps played. I always see the table but have no clue how to play. This should be fun!
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2009 Adult Content Coordinator

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Re: AMVs at Snow-ball, and - aw, craps!
« Reply #2 on: January 22, 2009, 12:08:58 am »
I always see the table but have no clue how to play. This should be fun!
Personally it's my favorite table game, so I ended up buying my own felt & chips so that when I play with friends we can try all kinds of nutty combos and nobody loses any real money. Or in the context of a con, I can run a table for hours as a volunteer (no loss, no gain) or take a REAL chance to lose a grand or two in REAL money at a casino.

Anyways, Here's my basic overview of the game:


A: One player (the shooter) has a pair of dice. [It could be you!]
BEFORE the first number gets rolled, you are going to bet whether the shooter
will WIN or LOSE the game.

If you think the shooter will win, you bet your money on Pass. If you
think the shooter will lose, you bet on Don't Pass. Your bet has two
parts to it - one part is a 1-to-1 risk* and another part which pays
EXACTLY FAIR ODDS. Since we don't know how difficult the shooter's game
will be (it depends on what that first roll turns out to be) you add
that second bet to the first bet only after the first number comes out.
Then watch the shooter play and hope that the dice roll the way you
guessed. The average game lasts about 4 or 5 rolls, but there are other
bets you can try in the meantime which are lots of fun.

(*which is a little less than fair odds but that's how the real casinos
pay their bills...)

B: The game works almost like baseball. You can:
a)       hit a home run right now,
b)      strike out right now, or
c)       get on base.

If (c) you get on base you try to make it 'home' before something goes
wrong and the inning ends.

So in craps, the shooter can:
a)       win right now (roll 7 or 11)
b)      lose right now (roll 2,3 or 12) or
c)       make a 'point' (roll any other number.)

If (c) the shooter makes a point then he can win by rolling that number
AGAIN anytime, and the people who bet Pass will win. If the shooter
rolls a 7 though, then he loses and the game ends.

If you had bet Don't Pass then you will win money** because you
correctly guessed that he would fail, and he failed. So you get money
for guessing right. You can even do this as the shooter: guess that you
will crack up, then actually crack up, then win money because you
guessed right.

The shooter passes the dice to the next player when he guesses wrong.

(**except on a 12, when you don't lose, but you don't get a payoff.
That's the other half of how the game less than exactly 50/50 fair.)

If a shooter makes a point, then the game goes on long as the shooter does *not* roll a 7 and does *not* roll the 'point' number.  Statistically most games end one way or another in about 4 or 5 rolls, but technically a game could go on forever; recently, the longest run in the world was recorded here in Oregon at Chinook Winds about 10 years ago. One player made a point and then rolled every number EXCEPT his point and 7 - for NINETY THREE MINUTES. And he won!

The casino paid out about $281,000 off all the other Come bets and Place bets (some of those 'in the meantime' games I mentioned that you get to play while waiting for the shooter to win or lose.
And just like Don't Pass, they have their opposites: Don't Come and Don't Place, but very few people play those.)

C: If the game has a table limit (minimum bet on the pass line) then you
should have 50x to 100x that amount in gaming chips to burn. At a real
casino with $10 min tables you will get to play about 105 rolls per
hour, and if you play basic strategy you will lose about $4.28 per hour
on average but you will go way up and way down all the while - it's a
real rollercoaster ride.



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Re: AMVs at Snow-ball, and - aw, craps!
« Reply #3 on: January 25, 2009, 09:00:16 pm »
so many words................. can you sum it up
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Re: AMVs at Snow-ball, and - aw, craps!
« Reply #4 on: February 03, 2009, 08:29:07 pm »
Quote from: Blackstar
can you sum it up
Um, I just did, kinda, considering that there are whole pocketbooks written on the game and its strategy...

Here's another way to look at it: I just rolled* several 'games' to illustrate the outcomes and payoffs, assuming a $10 on either the Pass Line or the Don't Pass.

* I used official (but retired) dice from the "Planet Hollywood" casino in Vegas.

Game A: 10 - 5 - 6 - 6 - 2 - 12 - 7
Stickman says: "Seven OUT, Seven Away!"
Pass line loses.
Don't Pass wins ($20)

Game B: 12
Stickman says: "Twelve. Craps (Boxcars!)"
Pass Line loses.
Don't Pass is a PUSH (They get their $10 back but no extra winnings.)
"Any Craps" pays 7:1

Game C: 11
Stickman says: "Yo! Eleven!"
Pass line wins. ($20)
Don't Pass Loses.
"Eleven" bet pays 15:1

Game D: 5 - 4 - 9 - 8 - 7
Stickman says: "Seven OUT, Seven Away!"
Pass line loses.
Don't Pass wins ($20)

Game E: 7
Stickman says: "Seven WINNER!"
Pass line wins. ($20)
Don't Pass Loses.
"Any Seven" bet pays 4:1

Game F: 9 - 3 - 9
Stickman says: "WINNER!"
Pass line wins. ($20)
Don't Pass Loses.

Game G: 3
Stickman says: "Three - Craps."
Pass line loses.
Don't Pass wins ($20)

I hope these examples are instructive, I can discuss any or all of them in detail.
Best option yest is to just SHOW UP and Roll, and see what happens!