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KumoriCon 2005 AMV Contest - WE ARE GO!!! (So send them in!)
« on: March 01, 2005, 01:04:42 pm »
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KumoriCon 2005 AMV Contest Page
Last Updated: 1-Mar-05

Welcome! This page for the KumoriCon 2005 AMV Contest. Here below are categories and rules for the upcoming contest. Please send e-mail comments to guy1656[at] (replacing "[at]" with "@".)

KumoriCon 2005 AMV RULES

A. CATEGORIES: (Number in parenthesis is MAX entries which will be shown.)

1. "Cutting Edge" Action (4)
Pull viewers onto the edge of our seats. Stun us with digital mastery. A drama/romance work here is fine, as long as it is pulse-pounding in speed or breath-taking with digital eye-candy. Non-comedy parody trailers may end up here if they are visually exciting.

2. Traditional Japanese Setting (4)
Bring out the JAPANESE-ness of anime. Take us to Sekigahara, Hokkaido, or Neo-Tokyo-IV, 2250AD, and make us feel that it just ain't the Italian Renaissance or L.A. 2250 AD. You can also try a slower-paced drama/romance work here. This category may use any/all anime, 'old school' to present.

3. "Cutting Edge" Dance Video (4)
Any combination of NEW and UNSEEN video (see notes below) and upbeat dance music of any genre, from J-pop to jigs, reels, techno, hambo, - any music that has been played for (any) people to DANCE.

4. "Instrumental" (4)
May use any anime, and may be any sort of theme at all - action, drama, romance, comedy, an ersatz movie trailer, dance music, etc. The ONLY trick: the music must not contain any words in any known language. Non-language skat singing is accpetable here. (Examples include works by the band 'See-Saw' in OST's for series such as 'Aquarian Age' and 'Madlax.' Another example, even if corny, are those "shoo-bee-doo-wap-waaa" type nonsense syllables.) AMV editors have gotten very good at lip-syncing to lyrics. This category will focus on how well creators can select clips and use transition effects appropriate to the dynamics of the music itself. Note that judges MAY reclassify a submission for this category - if you make a FUNNY intrumental, the judges MAY decide to run your entry in COMEDY.

5. Comedy, Parody Trailers & Parody Commercials (6)
Um, Make us LAUGH?!? (But you knew that already.)
Parody trailers and spoof commercials might end up here.
This category may use any/all anime, 'old school' to present.

Some people are more visually-oriented.
Here is a picture to help explain the categories:


70% of video frames must include content Japanese origin, by studio AND artist. The recent arrivals of non-anime works such as Sky Blue from Korea and other studios across the world may make this distintion more difficult to assess, but as examples: Mulan, Titan AE, Invader Zim, Heavy Metal (the animation), Wallace & Grommet and Teen Titans are not Japanese. American or European-made cartoons with "Samurai" or "Ninja" in the titles are also not Japanese. Korean and Hong Kong animation are also -NOT- anime. Game footage must be from Japanese game companies and studios. (Hint: Redmond WA is not in Japan.) You can, however, use those sources as crossover materials as long as Japanese content is also present.

2. This will be a PG-13 show.

Audio: Edit out the s-words and f-words, etc, unless ONE (and only ONE) instance is absolutely NECESSARY to tell your story.

Video: Private parts must remain covered, and silhouettes of nekkid bodies (example: a magical transformation or a shower scene) must not have cel lines or outlines which enter inside the silhouette. Diffuse shading is OK. Limit: ONE instance of up to 0.2 seconds (that's 6 frames at 30fps) of anything more explicit.

You MAY use explicit sources if you cover up the naughy bits and censor the salty words yourself using video and/or audio editing as required.

3. IF YOU USE FANSUBS or subtitled sources you are expected to remove non-relevant subtitles and crud like TV station or cable company logos. (Note: intentionally selected subtitles which work with the music lyrics or directly enhance the impact of your work are OK. You can also intentionally create your own subtitles or overlay graphics as part of your 'art' or 'message.')

4. Pre-screen: As before, I will convene a judges panel to pre-screen and allocate entries to their categories, (such as: if we have too many of one type to show in one category, may the extra entries 'work' in some other category, etc.) Lastly, although it's hard to quantify exactly, sometimes a larger amount of borderline material will impact the judges the same as a small amount of actually proscribed exposure (audio or video.)

5. "Cutting Edge" for Action and Dance categories, means NEW & UNSEEN:
"New" means that at least 70% of the frames are of anime source material whose very first episode aired or was released no earlier than 1-Jan-01.
Note: is a great site to verify air/release dates.
"Unseen" means the anime is NOT listed in any of the top 15 "Most Used Anime" on, as of 1-January-2005.

THE OFFICIAL LIST of over-used series is:

DBZ (all) 13.47%
Evangelion 5.65%
Kenshin (all) 5.33%
Final Fantasy (all) 5.02%
Inu Yasha 4.95%
Sailor Moon (all) 4.75%
Naruto 4.44%
Cowboy Bebop 3.47%
Trigun 3.27%
Yu Yu Hakusho 1.74%
Love Hina 1.66%
Hellsing 1.64%
FLCL 1.52%
Card Captor Sakura 1.44%
Gundam Wing 1.34%

(Remember you can still make Comedy, Instrumental, or Traditional Japanese entries with any of these ...)

a. Audience voting will determine one winnerfor each of the five categories.
b. One 'Best of show' award will also be chosen by audience voting.
c. The judges panel will select a 'Judges Choice' award.

AWARDS for these winners will be selected and distributed by Kumoricon programming staff. GOOD LUCK TO -ALL- Participants!


1. AVI and MPEG only. No .wmv, .ra, .mov, .swf. If DivX compression is used, must be version 5.05 or lower. Bitrates should not exceed 2000Kb/sec.

2. Frame size must be at least 512 wide and at least 360 high.
640x480 and 720x480 are preferred.

3. MAXIMUM Length for any project is 4:40, four minutes and forty seconds, which includes ALL bumpers, opening and closing credits. Black Silence before/after is okay, but should not be longer than 1.5 seconds at either end.

E. SUBMITTING Your Entries:

1. Mail your entry on physical media to:

Kumoricon 2005 AMV Contest

2. Deadline for ALL entries is FRIDAY, 29-Jul-05. This is the 'arrived at above address' deadline. Entries and media received after that date will not show in the contest, and -might- be returned to sender unopened (and I will not know if this has happened.)

a. EACH entry will have to be on CD-ROM, disposable ZIP-disk, or disposable USB ZIP drive. (in other words, no 'guarantee' that you can get the media back - but they **may** be around at the con for you to pick up.)
You may put multiple entries on one disk.

b. EACH entry must be accompanied by AT LEAST one ten-second clip from the AMV. It may also be a 10-second composition made up of elements form the AMV, such as an 'AMV of an AMV,' if you like. You may submit a second, alternate ten-second clip or compilation and we will choose the more 'memorable' to be used in the audience-participation Review & Judging phase

c. EACH entry must include a HARDCOPY, PAPER form listing the information below:
- Creator's name
- Creator's contact info (telephone-#, e-mail address, mailing address for PRIZES)
- AMV Title
- Anime sources used (list up to 5 sources, if necessary write 'various' for 6th & subsequent sources.)
- Music Title(s)
- Music Artists name(s) by band or composer, also, if an OST, mention that series.


NOTE: Storing the information about the AMV as a FILE included on the medium is -NOT- equivalent to a hardcopy paper printout. If we need an item of information quickly, a person can shuffle through 22 sheets of paper and get to the right one faster than a computer can even boot-up.

d. IT IS SUGGESTED that each Entry and ten-second clip be submitted in TWO different types of encoding (such as one file in XviD ver.4 -and- another file in Microsoft Mpeg4 ver.2, for example) so that in case we have playback or codec 'issues' with one format we can try the other without haveing to decode and re-encode in something suitable for the playback machine. In other words, ONE entry should consist of FOUR or more files: the entry in TWO different codecs, plus its ten-second clip in TWO different codecs.

a. Any person may submit up to FIVE projects.
b. You may submit up to TWO projects in any ONE category.
c. The judges' panel will select NO MORE THAN THREE projects from any one editor, to be shown.

Again, GOOD LUCK to ALL contestants!

- G.

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KumoriCon 2005 AMV Contest - WE ARE GO!!! (So send them in!)
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very impressive. not only that you have this up so early, but so definitively, down to the nitty gritty of categorizations. great work, guy!
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