Author Topic: Final Discussions - Contest Category Definitions for 2009  (Read 1274 times)

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Final Discussions - Contest Category Definitions for 2009
« on: December 13, 2008, 06:20:48 am »
OK - so far we have:


   1. TENSION (Replaces DRAMA 1): Any story or strong theme holding the audience in high suspense throughout. This could be (but not limited to) situations like: a conflict of wills, a calculated risk during a race against time, or confronting an ominous and shifting threat, or exploring and probing an unknown menace.
   2. GENKI! (Replaces DRAMA 2): The sugar-blast category. Light and fun exuberant works, possibly using dance beat. Themes with a fun-for-all, positive feel or outcome.
   3. JAPANESE MUSIC: An open category using any sort of Japanese music, from traditional to enka to J-pop.
   4. OLD SOMETHING-or-OTHER: This category is still in discussion. Currently the interests on the forum lean towards music of a specific style or era, or AMV done in black-and-white or silent movie style, or simply an Instrumental Music category.
   5. RANDOM AMUSEMENT: This is a broader category than Comedy / Parody. It will also include bizarre, or 'off-beat' works that amuse .
   6. TRAILERS: Includes fake commercials, TV spots, and movie and game trailers. May use actual advertising audio or a fictitious creation in the style of a commercial or trailer.
   7. ACTION & EFFECTS: This is where the high-speed music and flashy stuff meet. Take your Bonine® and buckle in!

People haven't really commented on this for almost a month, but we need to decide soon about that Category No 4.
Should it be a [PICK FROM ANY OF THESE] type, as in below, where I will re-name the category 'RETRO:'

4. RETRO: Needs to meet any TWO of these constraints: (You pick 'em!)
     a. All anime used was initially created before 1992 (Sailor Moon is in, Evangelion is not.)
     b. The AMV video is desaturated to nearly 100% black/white and sepia tones.
     c. The AMV is created in a silent movie style: all-instrumental music made BEFORE 1946, with dialogue flash cards appearing.
     d. The AMV audio was created before 1966.

"d" is difficult. I'm trying to capture the idea of music which generally pre-dates the hippie movement/drug culture/Vietnam era/Kennedy assassination/civil rights protests, but lets in enough of the night club crooners, classic jazz, traditional bluegrass an old-time Western musicals, and that strange moment in American cultural history called 'tiki culture.' (Some of our parents actually had to live through this.)

Certainly music from around the world from that time and earlier is welcome too. Edith Piaf, Lili Marlene, 'Alpine Music,' and  traditional folk musics styles may all work for [d].

Does any of this make sense?
Your comments?