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Reorganization of "Convention Events" areas


The "Convention Events" areas have undergone a significant reorganization.

The "Contests" forum has been eliminated entirely. All threads in this area have been moved to the next-most appropriate forum area (no threads were deleted).

The reason? Almost all contest threads fit neatly into one of the other forum areas already. The effect was that for many subjects, such as certain fan creation contests, karaoke, and cosplay, threads were roughly split between the contests section and the subject section. It makes more sense, if you are interested in a certain subject, to just check one place.

In Fan Creations, there is enough interest in certain media to justify creating four new forum areas:

[*]Fan Art
[*]Fan Fiction
[*]Manga and Comics

In the "fan" areas, you can also discuss original works. Contest announcements and discussion should go in those forum areas along with free discussion. Anything not fitting in one of the sub-areas, or that covers multiple sub-areas, can go in the top level. Discussion of Artist Alley or the Creation Station in general should be in the top level.

Due to the volume in the Cosplay area, there is a new sub-area specifically for all contests, events, and skits pertaining to cosplay, except that Cosplay Chess has its own additional sub-area. Due to this forum now including more official information, it has been renamed from "Cosplay Chat" to just "Cosplay".

"Karaoke & Live Programming" has been renamed "Live Programming" and a "Karaoke" sub-area has been created.

Existing threads in all the forums have been moved to the most appropriate areas.


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