Author Topic: fan creation programming at KC Lite!  (Read 3758 times)

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fan creation programming at KC Lite!
« on: October 31, 2008, 04:16:24 pm »
Come join Creation Station (in the same room as Pre-Reg) tomorrow, starting at 4!
(KC Lite runs from noon-8pm.)

Our schedule:
4pm  Drabble (short fanfic writing) and Fan Art Contests open. (BJ/Kate)

4:30 pm: How-to-Mini on Designing & Drawing Costumes for
Characters. (Kate)
 5 pm:  "Roxas' Guide to Writing:
 How Not to  Fail". :D :D (Emily)

6 pm: NaNoWriMo workshop (if there is anyone there
interested) (Kate). Else more spontaneous contests (BJ).

 7pm: Close of writing and art contests.
7:30pm: Winners announced for writing and art contests.

Ellen. 2003: Fanfic panelist & contest judge.
2004: Beta Station Coord. 2005: Fan Creation Station Coord.;pre-event assistant to the con chair.2006: Fanfic Mgr/C.S. Coord.
2007, 8, 9, 10: Fan Creation Manager. 2011: Writing & Editing Coord (Publicity).