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sooo confused [explaining the cosplay contest]
« on: August 15, 2008, 12:54:13 am »
so I looked at a copy of the schedule and was wondering for those int the cosplay contest do we start rehearsing at 9 am? that what it seems to say on the schedule but I'm not sure. could someone clear this up for me?
also is it okay to say bastard in a skit or is there a better word to use? if not can we just pretend to bleep it?

btw found here:

thank you.

Edit: Subject clarified by Tom.
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Re: sooo confused
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2008, 01:25:31 am »
OK, your rehearsal time depends on what your skit needs.

The morning rehearsal is a time for people to come in and get a look at the stage size and figure out their blocking and movement.

The Pre-Meet is required for everyone who is going to be in the cosplay contest. this is where the people getting costumes judged need to schedule a large amount of time and wait their turn for the judges.

The technical walk through is for the groups who have audio that needs to be synched up and maybe other special effects like special lighting or use of the projector. This is not required for skits without thos special needs.

If you are in a skit you need to get into the ROUNDS room right behind the Main Events hall when seating begins so that our staff can go through the skit order and you can be ready for when the event begins. Get comfortable and hopefully you'll be able to enjoy the show on CCTV.
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Re: sooo confused [explaining the cosplay contest]
« Reply #2 on: August 15, 2008, 02:11:58 am »
thanks tom. :D that really helps a lot.
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Re: sooo confused [explaining the cosplay contest]
« Reply #3 on: August 17, 2008, 12:18:58 pm »
We didn't put in details because that info is supposed to be in the schedule you receive at the convention. Here's a copy of what I sent to cosplay participants who preregistered for cosplay:

9:00 A.M. Sunday – Main Events Room - OPTIONAL Skit rehearsal.
           - 15 minute blocks are set up for each group that wishes to practice their skit.
           - Sign-ups for this time period MUST be done by 8:00PM Saturday night. The sign up sheet for this will be at the info booth all day Saturday, so be sure to sign up then if you want to participate in this. If no one has signed up for the slot following your slot, you may have a little bit more time to practice, but there is no guarantee you will get that time.
           - Groups that desire to practice, but have not signed up, may go meet with the House Manager for Cosplay to see if any spots are not filled.
           - Groups that have signed up, but have not SHOWN up on time, get bumped down to the next available spot. Please be on time.

12:00 P.M. (Noon) -12:30 Sunday – Main Events room - Cosplay pre-meeting

           - FINAL DEADLINE for all entries. Entry forms, waivers, and CDs must be turned in to the Cosplay Manager. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.
          - This is the time to ask the Cosplay Manager questions about skit content and weapons use; sign up for Costume Workmanship slots, Photography slots, and Skit technical rehearsal slots; and hear any last-minute announcements.       
           - PLEASE arrive on time to reduce chaos and staff stress.
           - Costumes NOT required at this meeting
          -  At least one member of each group must be present  to check in, proofread the data, make last minute corrections, etc. (this means that if one of your members is "lost", then the rest of you show up to check in and THEN you can go hunt him down. DON'T be late to this - there is a mountain of paperwork for the staff to handle and we need to have time to get all the data sheets printed, sorted and distributed to appropriate people. If we don't see you then you aren't in cosplay ). 

1230-1 Sunday - Main Events Room - Staff only stuff...

        - Printing out of all forms, organizing paperwork, Q&A for MCs, Tech, stage crew, etc.

1:00 - 4:00 P.M. Sunday – Main Events Room- Cosplay technical rehearsal time for skit entrants and walk-ons.
            - Costumes NOT required at this meeting, but a good idea since you may wish to "test" how difficult it will be to get on/off stage in the costume.
            - Walk-ons will walk across the stage once each to get a feel for the size of the stage and when and where to pose.  Walk-ons will be the first time slot - 1PM to about 1:15PM - since this is rather quick. Walk-on participants may bring their own background music or the tech group may play some generic song (their choice)
            - Skit entrants must arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the start time of their rehearsal slot. This is quick walk-through to help coordinate ninja assistance, lighting, music, etc. Remember, this is a technical walk-through, not a full rehearsal, so you will only be on stage long enough for testing of your audio and confirming technical queues.
           - You may stay or leave at your discretion, however if you miss your slot, your group will be disqualified.

100 - 400 P.M. Sunday - Back of Main Events room - Costume Workmanship judging and entrant photograph sessions.
       - Be sure to arrive at  least 5 –10 minutes prior to your scheduled time slot.   
       - Costumes REQUIRED (duh).

4:30 P.M. Sunday - Green Room

            - All entrants must be present in Green Room. Costumes REQUIRED. 
            - Seating for Cosplay Competition begins
            - First episode of Emma will be shown in Main Events room. We are supposed to have video feed into Green Room, so you will be able to watch the episode as well.

5:00 P.M. Sunday - Curtain Time!

            - Follow directions of Green Room "Mom," cosplayer wranglers, stage crew for when to head to the stage for your act.
            - After you act is over, you may either find a seat in the main events hall or return to the Green Room to hang out or watch the rest of the competition on the video feed.

?? PM Sunday - "Half-time Show" and Winner announcements
            After Cosplay Competition ends, The Anime Hunters will put on a special skit to entertain the audience while the judges compile the results and determine winners. Please stick around for that since it's expected to be good. As soon as the judges are finished deciding, they'll announce the results and call the winners up on stage to take a bow*.

  * Prizes will be available in the programming suite about an hour after the winners are announced. (well, the judges will try their best to get the prizes organized and the certificates printed by that time... )