Author Topic: Hello to all! Tis the Xigbar from 07 K-con! (my first con ever ^^)  (Read 1238 times)

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Just wanted to say hello and glad I remembered that Kumori-con had a forum. lol I was Xigbar all three days at last years Kumori-con and this year I'm trying something daring by making a Judai/Jaden cosplay last minute. XD I will be going as him for two days then A.B.A from Guilty Gear on Monday for the photoshoot. ^^ Btw, any good ideas on how to make a quick Jaden/Judai's jacket?  :-\
Kumori-con '11: If I go, my boyfriend and I will be going as Lucy Heartfilia (me) and Loki (boyfriend) from Fairy Tail

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