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$1.50 sketchbook raffle
« on: October 18, 2008, 06:55:57 pm »
(I wasn't sure if this was allowed, if not I apologize and will delete it if need be)

I've decided to open a fundraiser for Aki-Con, a convention I am attending on November 7-9 in Everett, WA. I was lucky enough to get a table there to sell my work.

I'm taking donations via Paypal, and for every $1.50 donated, your name will be entered into a raffle for a sketchbook. Donators can enter as many times as they want. For example, if you donate $30, that's 20 entries into the raffle. I will be providing a basic hardbound 160 pages (or so) 8 1/2" x 11" sketchbook filled with drawings of the winner's choice.

The donations will be accepted up until November 10th, and the drawing will be recorded and uploaded via youtube to show the winner on November 13th, hand picked by a random friend who doesn't know anyone from the artist communities and will not be making each paper with the names on it (my job XD).

This is a rare opportunity to own a sketchbook filled with traditional pencil work from me. The only other way to get traditional work from me is to visit me at conventions, as I don't ship my work normally, and do digital only.

The sketchbook will be worked on each day after the 13th. It will contain sketches only, with up to 5 different characters of the winner's choice. More details on the limits put on the sketchbook are listed here:

- up to 5 characters only
- anthro and human characters only.
- Will not be front and back
- Each page only 2-3 characters
- first page may have all 5 characters
- No inking or coloring on any pages
- Will take up to 200 days or so to complete
- Sketch preview photos available, but would like to keep the sketchbook mostly surprising for the winner
- No explicit sex, watersports, scat, vore, or gore.

When donating, please put your DA/FA username or nickname in the notes so I know who donated what. IF YOU DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR  NAME, then I can't enter you into the drawing. Though if you don't want to be entered into the drawing, that's fine, and please say so in Paypal notes.

Feel free to ask any questions about the fundraiser, raffle, or sketchbook!

Paypal Address: cheviart[at]gmail dot com