Author Topic: Cosplay Halloween party in Springfield/Eugene?  (Read 1820 times)

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Cosplay Halloween party in Springfield/Eugene?
« on: October 21, 2004, 03:03:54 am »
Hey, the Portland people are planning a gettogether, so I wanted to see who here in Lane County would be interested in doing the same down here.

Every year my old high school buds have a "party" on Halloween... but I find it immensely boring. :P All they do is sit around and watch movies and eat, and they don't even dress up or do anything that doesn't involve sitting on their butts. Oh, and they're not really into anime.

A cosplay Halloween party would be awesome. I was talking with one friend about the possibility, but she seems to have suddenly been buried in stressful stuff, so she can't host it after all.

I'm not sure if my house would be ideal for such a gettogether, but if it's the only alternative, then I can try. 'Problem is, even though our house is big, the entertainment room can only seat six people before we have to resort to the floor. Second problem, I live with my family, and my dad is chronicly ill, which makes hosting awkward at times for various reasons.

I'm definitely interested in putting one on, but I want to ask whether anyone else can host. I'll go so far as to come early and set up, plus anything else necessary. Whaddya say? At the very least we could have a 6-person anime and game fest with candy and possibly some cosplay. :)
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