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Gackt filmology viz release....waaa?
« on: August 09, 2008, 06:17:14 pm »
***Peeps in the know, know that I am a BIG Gackt fan.
(Not in the ‘omg he so hot’ way, but the “OMG I love his music’ way, not that I deny he is a very pretty man)
I have (v) almost all of his albums, and a wide array of other Gackt
 (By ‘have’ I mean actual Japanese imported albums or albums purchased when I was in Japan not just down loads)***
Anywho a travesty!!!
Gackt came out with filmoligy dvd collections of his music videos called  Red and Blue,
Red-his more ‘rock’ son, and blue-his more ‘soft’ songs.
And as with most Japanese stuffs, the dvds (region2) came out first in Japan about 2 1/2 years ago, I got them as a Christmas present 2 years ago. (My fiancé was thinking of downloading region free dvd software, never did, so I haven’t gotten much use out of it but I have already seen the music vids on YouTube anyway, and they are still a good collectible
This year Viz media rereleased them in the U.S (region1) I haven’t stressed getting them because I already have them.
The had the viz version at uwajimaya and I took a look at them only to see I couldn’t recognize some of the songs
They translated some of the songs into engrish!
Instead of leaving the title in romanji, they attempted to translate the song titles
(Tho they left the songs with English titles and a few like seki ray alone)
Only 2 songs from red were affected, not that badly ordered like this
Mina-p is a translator lives in Japan and translates Gackt songs (really well) into English, I have always gone by her translations for a more actuate meaning of the title, Because Gackt likes to put Kanji together to make up new words in his songs to create meaning that are hard to translate
Red wasn’t that bad
Romanji Gackt title= ‘Mina-P translation’= “Viz title”

Kimi ga Oikaketa Yume= ‘A Dream That You've Chased’=“Dreams You Pursued”

Wasurenai kara= ‘Because I Won't Forget’= “Never Forget You”

These work, tho I would have just preferred the Japanese titles you know? But when you get to blue :P
  再会-Story or Saikai ~Story~= ’ A Promise to Meet Again ~Story= “My Story”

The name is not just ‘my story’ because that would be watashi no story, and in my kanji dictionary saikai means “meet again” or “reunion” (tho as we know in Japanese lang, true meaning is hard to explain.
Kimi no Tame ni Dekiru Koto= ‘What I Can Do For You’= “Everything For You”
This one irks me the most cuz it’s me and kendo boyfriends song, the title occurs in the lyrics and the new translation dosen’t make sense
te ni shita egao no kazu yori
namida wa ooi kamoshirenai kedo
~soba ni iru~
sore ga boku no
kimi no tame ni dekiru koto
Perhaps the number of tears have been
Greater than the number of smiles but
~Stay close by~
That is
What I can do for you
It just works better for the meaning of the song, I duno its little things too like,
Todokanai Ai to Shitteiru no ni Osaekirezuni Aishitsuzuketa=                                                 ‘Even though I know that my love will never reach you, I continue to love you uncontrollably’= “I Know My Love Can Never Reach You”
The translated it right but the title is so long that they just shortened it but with out the ‘even though,’ it completely changes the meaning.
So its not big things, but they are annoying to a fan, and it makes me wish they just kept the name in Japanese
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Re: Gackt filmology viz release....waaa?
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