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Upsilon Films Shop (no, not just film)
« on: July 25, 2008, 03:18:07 pm »
Hey there everyone!  So our art booth thing didn't go according to plan.  Too many people dropped out before we could do it so there just weren't enough hands to get things done.  Anyway!  I had suggestions for people if you still want to buy some original creations from our company.

We were Mak'u but changed to Upsilon to match our AMVs.  My account on YouTube is Kori123 (duh) and I've had several comments on people wanting to download my AMVs.  Sadly, I didn't upload them and probably never will BUT I do burn them onto DVDs for friends.  So I was going to offer if anyone wants me to custom burn them a DVD with up to two hours of AMV fun XD  I've sell them for fairly cheap.  Since I'm going to be deleting videos off my youtube account, it also gives those who want to watch them still, a chance to do so.

Also, I wrote a fanfiction with FMA called 'Through mine eyes: The holocaust series'.  Again, several people said they liked it and I made several print out copies of the story.  They are in a three ring binder, put together by chapter with plastic coverings.  Included is a front cover (made by me), a back cover that includes summaries, inside is a table of contents, a table of contents summary sheet, the through mine eyes poem, then the cover for the story, the poem for the story, and then the actual story itself.  The end of the book includes the lyrics to the song that fits the story, a note from the author and the cover, poem and prolouge to the next story.  Over all, it's a nice little package.  The story is on for you to read but only when you order will you get all that.  I know a lot of people who already have ordered it so I'm working on those now, but if you want one also just ask.

Pricing will be like so:
DVDs - $5 for 12 videos (an extra dollar for every three videos added)
Book - $10 (and if you want to include the next story in the series, it'll be an extra ten)

As of right now we do not have a booth so you'll have to either order online or just hunt me down at the convention (which, trust me, won't be hard).
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