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Kumoricon RPG Budokai
« on: July 22, 2008, 11:39:43 am »
I'm sure that this is beyond the time needed to turn in events, but I was wondering if anyone wanted to participate in the first ever Kumoricon Cosplay RPG Budokai?
I'm hoping to hold it in the RPG room or in the parking lot, whichever has enough space. Nothing is required to be brought, but cosplay and props are encouraged, and anyone can play that's registered for K-con. The tournament will be a simple game of rock paper scissors, but with a small twist. You get to use make and use your own powers! Everyone starts out with Light Class Powers, and only needs to give the name and a brief description. As the participants move up, they gain access to Medium Class Powers. Then get to choose between Counter, Boost, and Ultimate Powers. If someone brings a prop weapon, they get to use it and can later choose a Weapon Power. depending on how many people enter, the more wins you get, the more powers you get, until you have almost one of each type of power. I'm hoping to hold a practice session at the upcoming picnic at the Portland Waterfront Park on the 26th. I will also go over the rules at Kumoricon. If there is room, I'm hoping to hold multiple bouts at a time, until it comes down to a small few in the area of 16-8 players. Then they will be held one match at a time. The prize for first place is a check for 10,000 Zenie, the championship belt, and the chance to make a wish to our own Eternal Dragon. The final 8 will each receive one of the 7 dragon balls and the Dragon Scroll to keep until the next Budokai. Everyone else will receive a bag of senzu beans and either Small Strawberry or Medium Chocolate boxes of Pocky for participating. The power cards everyone can keep and use on their own.

So who would like to play?
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