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New Features, Cabinet Revealed for DDR X AC
« on: July 22, 2008, 06:35:51 am »
Be nice to get this!

this is pic & info about the Arcade.
songs that will be on it also.
More info on DDR X
This mix will be soo sweet even i am so happy about it and can't wait to give it a try.


New Machine Design NEWDDR Revealed
Large widescreen monitor , satellite light units and "grade up" (i.e. higher quality) speaker system will be used.

LINK function included! Giving POWERUPDDR
LINK function as standard inclusion.
The to be released PS2 version of DDR X will give players to create original sequences. Using USB memory, they would be allowed to use them in the arcade.
Also, on the e-AMUSEMENT side, excellent player original sequences will be published around the whole nation and INTERNET RANKING will occur.

Many new functions and progression EVOLUTIONDDR is here!!
New sequence "shock arrow" is included.
This is a new gimmick where you cannot step on the foot panel.
Step's variations will be intensified.
Also, in COURSEMODE there is DANCE DRILL COURSE with 10 ranks.

Old great DDR and newest DDR merges!
Strongest previous songs will be added for SPECIALDDR.
Well known licenses, catchy originals totalling 60 songs or above will be included.
In future DDRs, there will be 1.5 times more new songs in volume.

Player section expanded for COMMUNICATIONDDR
Players that have never played DDR can join in using the WELCOME SYSTEM that is included.
Players using the e-AMUSEMENT system can use the FRIEND REGISTRATION FUNCTION that is included.

10 footer scale expanded to 13 footer scale.
Shock arrows look like lightning arrows. (These are mines)

1. Every SuperNOVA2 (PS2) (Japan) exclusive song is in the game. (ミーヤ)
2. Series categories have been revived. (ミーヤ)
3. EXPERT songs and under, level 1-10 in yellow, 11+ in red. (ミーヤ)
4. UP/DOWN buttons added. (2ch)
5. FINAL STAGE EXCLUSIVE: SABER WING / TAG (4/8/10/13/-) (ミーヤ) (Notes: TAG is a GF&DM artist and does has done stepcharts on previous DDRs)
6. Fascination MAXX SINGLE EXPERT = Level 17 (2ch)
7. Pluto Relinquish SINGLE EXPERT = Level 17 (2ch)
8. Shock arrows cause combo breaks and life damage. (2ch)
9. A bunch of old songs use generic videos. (2ch)
10. Old licenses and deletions not seen yet. (2ch)
11. Dance Celebration / Bill Hamel feat.kevens / BPM 130 (2/4/8/11) (5/7/10)
12. Dance Floor / neuras feat.Yurai / BPM 120 (2/5/6/9) (-/-/-)
13. Flourish / sonic-coll. feat. frances maya / BPM 152 (2/5/8/10) (-/-/-)
14. Inspiration / DKC Crew / BPM 147 (2/5/7/9) (-/-/-)
15. Party Lights / Tommie Sunshine / BPM 130 (2/4/6/10) (4/6/9)
16. Taj He Spitz / DKC Crew / BPM 107 (2/4/7/10) (-/-/-)
17. Tracers (4Beat Remix) / Ruffage&Size / BPM 140 (2/5/7/10) (-/-/-)
18. SAGA / Veeton / BPM / (-/-/-/-) (-/-/-)
19. The flower in your smile / TACOS NAOMI feat.小久保裕之 / BPM / (-/-/-/-) (-/-/-)
20. TimeHollow / Masanori Akita / BPM / (-/-/-/-) (-/-/-)
21. FINAL STAGE ONLY: SABER WING / TAG (4/8/10/13) (8/10/12)
22. Slip Out / Harmony machine / BPM 95 / (1/3/6/9) (-/-/-)
23. EXTRA STAGE: On The Break / Darwin / BPM / (-/-/-/13) (-/-/-)
24. Fight of the phoenix / Jena Rose [SHOCK ARROWS] / BPM 145 / (-/-/-/7) (-/-/6)
25. Max 300 SINGLE EXPERT is rated a 15
26. The Legend of MAX SINGLE EXPERT is rated a 15
27.dazzle / kobo feat. kr:ague BPM? SP1/4/7/10 DP-/-/-
28.Malacca / nc ft NRG factory BPM? SP-/-/-/- DP-/-/-
29. bag SINGLE EXPERT is rated 14
31. Ticket To Bombay/Jena Rose BPM? SP2/5/7/10 DP-/-/-/
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Re: New Features, Cabinet Revealed for DDR X AC
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2008, 11:32:44 am »
I was skeptical when I first heard of this, and still am, but I'm pretty sure it's ITG3.

The new cabinet is even more ridiculous than before though.  The new Pump It Up cabinets are at least lighter than the old ones, even though they also look like someone took a night club and condensed it into a large cabinet.  This thing looks like it weighs around 600 lbs and you'll need a large loading bay in order to get one into a building.  I think a lot of arcades will NOT buy this simply because of the size and weight of the cabinet.  I certainly don't expect to see this at any of my favourite arcades any time soon.


Just read the thing on adjusted difficulties.  Wut da dix.  That's going to cause so many issues for old players.  They should have just increased the cap difficulty to 13 and used the same ratings for everything except the flashing 10's. (LoM - 11, PSMO - 11, FAXXO - 12, HdVO - 12, FELM/O - 12, etc)

Why the hell did they switch to Pump It Up difficulty rating?  20-point scales SUCK.  Now I can suddenly AAA 12's when I used to get B's and C's on 11's just a couple days ago.  WTF.  I'm going to have to go out on a limb and say this game is already DOA.
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Re: New Features, Cabinet Revealed for DDR X AC
« Reply #2 on: July 22, 2008, 06:54:37 pm »
What the poop is this?

Why do they screw with DDR D: WHY?!
I'll give it a shot but I think it looks friggin' weird right now. And the logo makes me want to barf up some gangsters.

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Re: New Features, Cabinet Revealed for DDR X AC
« Reply #3 on: July 22, 2008, 11:47:58 pm »
Likewise on the logo.  I also HATE HATE HATE the new scoring system.  AWFUL.  Why can't they just stick with DP?  Or EX?
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Re: New Features, Cabinet Revealed for DDR X AC
« Reply #4 on: August 19, 2008, 02:36:54 am »
lol @ this shock arrow concept, damage + momentary stealth?  eh...

i wonder if any arcades will actually pick this behemoth up in OR/WA when it gets released, I haven't played didder in a while, might be a nice refresh.

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Re: New Features, Cabinet Revealed for DDR X AC
« Reply #5 on: August 19, 2008, 08:24:29 am »
its so shiny ;D
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Re: New Features, Cabinet Revealed for DDR X AC
« Reply #6 on: August 20, 2008, 07:31:39 pm »
*drool* that machine looks so totally orgasmic! Bet it wont hit the US for another 5 years *tear* If it already has, then no arcade will be able to afford it for another 15.... I mean, if Chuck E. Cheeses in Portland and the arcade in Seaside still have the first console, what's that tell ya?
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Re: New Features, Cabinet Revealed for DDR X AC
« Reply #7 on: August 20, 2008, 11:43:30 pm »
The arcade in Seaside has ITG2; it's not a matter of not being able to afford it; they just have no reason to buy the newer games when everyone just plays the ITG2 machine anyway.

As for Chuck E. Cheese's, we have one of the worst in the nation - most have Pump It Up NX, ITG2, or a decent version of DDR.  The CEC's in Portland is just crap in general.

These cabinets shouldn't be that expensive unless Betson decides to charge way too much for them.  $15k was way too much for DDRSN cabinets when they were new; SN2 only costs $11k new by comparison.  The lights don't cost a lot.  The upgrade to flatscreens may add another $400 to the cost, but the cabinets should be available in November or December for around $12k. (not that they're worth that, when an Extreme costs $6k.)
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