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Calling All GM's
« on: November 11, 2004, 09:05:17 pm »
Im looking for possible Gm's for next year's con. If me and PezCat can get together our cosplay larp set up, our need will be based on the number of people (aka if we have 40 people wanting to play, Pez and I won't be able to keep up) Also, the more table top, the merrier. I can get ahold of games that people would like to run if you don't have a copy.

So, here's what info I need: (either pm or email it to me)

Other Contact info: (best way to get ahold of you, if email, don't worry about it)
Games you'd prefer to run:
GM experiance:
Player experiance:
LARP experiance: (not nessisary, but always handy)

Oh, and just to note, in case you're worried about when during the con you'd be runing a game, and that messing with your schedual, I am very flexible with times and can place just about anything where you have down time during the con anyway.


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