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« on: May 12, 2008, 09:05:24 pm »
I'm Looking for a Naruto who would like to be in a skit at the Kumoricon... Yes i know it's early but for this skit we need alot of practese for it... ok maybe it's not that early since it's about ummm.. *counts months* 4 to 5 months away... but still the name of the skit will be KITSUNE FIGHT.... and that's all of the skit that i'm willing to say right now.. if you are going to the Kumoricon and are a naruto cosplayer at the con.. here are some of the things that you'd have to do to be in the skit.

The Dreaded List..
1. Are Willing to be in a skit and take time out of your day to meet somewhere in Oregon.
2. Are going to Kumoricon.. and as a Naruto
3. Are also willing to come up with ideas to add onto the skit.
4. Willing to goof off on stage..
5. ummm me out of idea things for now..

So if you can do things like that on the this.. just say it and i'll be in contact with you... me still also needs someone to be a box.. but that will be easy part.. the main thing right now is finding the Naruto... oh and just cause one person said they'd love to do it doesn't mean the part is taken.. me will take other people for back up if you want to do it..
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