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Wow...It's been a while...anywho: What am I?
« on: April 27, 2008, 01:00:08 am »
Yep... My avie right here is making me giggle right now...or it might be that I need sleep and am on a sugar rush. I've decided to do my first cross-cosplay this year! YAY ME! *throws imaginary confettii* And what 'lucky' male character shall I 'destroy' with my over-hyperness? None other but silly and hyper Tobi! Roar! I decided this a little bit before Sakuracon (like a couple of days... >.>) all because we were talking about a funny skit to do...which might not happen at ALL. But the idea formed and it SHALL NEVER leave...So I will be Tobi. Just least for a few hours because I'm planning on doing some other cosplays as my Random Anbu cosplay I did last year.

Tobi Checklist:
Pants: check! (thank you Anbu for wearing black pants! :D)
Top: Check! (god bless goodwill for selling large black turtlenecks this close to summer...god I'll be hot.)
Shoes: Check! (once again, Anbu cosplay ^_^ )
Robe: 99% done! (I bought one...I just need to add snaps to I can actually CLOSE IT! but that's what I get for bargain shopping. ^_^0)
Ring: Check!
Weird Leg warmer thingies: still looking for some weird white dancer pants to cut and alter. ^_^0
gloves: found them...need monies to buy them. T.T (mutters something about evil bank)
Wig: Check! (thank god...though it IS part of the reason I'm in this financial mess...bloody bank. WHY DIDN'T THEY JUST SAY INSIFICIENT FUNDS!!! TT_TT *emo corner again*)
Mask: ....3% again... Thought I had it right and was showing it off to a friend who said it looked funny...I put the eye hole on the wrong side...back to the drawing board... *sigh* at least I didn't put my lovely strap on the back yet...
Eyes: Still haven't decided if I should buy some or not...Hmm...
Weird buckle...things: I might ask someone to make them for looksh hard... T,T

I've also been thinking about buying a black cape and altering it to be evil Tobi as well...hmm if your actually reading this, suggestions, mask tips? poking-ness? Pie?
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