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Silent Hill 4: The Room
« on: September 14, 2004, 08:59:15 am »
Holy COW, you guys!  If you love Silent Hill, I'm shocked that you haven't already got crackin' on this!  WHOA it's great!

To clear things up from the rumor farm:  You are NOT really "trapped" inside your room for the whole game.  Technically, yes you are, but  . . . not really.  We'll just say your bathroom grows a portal to different places in Silent Hill, so you can "play" outside much of the game.
Specific events do take place in your room, though.

If you've never played Silent Hill I suppose you COULD start with 4, but I wouldn't suggest it because you'll miss out on all of the name-dropping from the other games and other amusing things, like the creepy bunny thing from SH3 that sits on your neighbours bed. *shudder*

It's really interesting how the mode shifts, too.  For the first time ever in SH, you get to play first and third person.  Of course, the game controls when you see which, but it's interesting.  It makes it a bit easier to get him to look where you want him to.

Bad note: You can only carry so many items and that sucks.  You'll make frequent trips back to your room to drop things off in your trunk or you'l miss out on items.

So far, so good!!!  Nice creepy monsters,  but three hours in and no boss monster?  Disappointing!
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Re: Silent Hill 4: The Room
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2004, 01:56:35 pm »
Quote from: "MistressLegato"
Holy COW, you guys!  If you love Silent Hill, I'm shocked that you haven't already got crackin' on this!  WHOA it's great!

Gah! Way to many spoilers!!!!

I love this series and while i can't claim to have unlocked EVERYTHING I have gotten a ton of the stuff.

I still want my Silent Hill Sequel made, maybe for 5.....
You play a Special Agent of the FBI (like an X-Files guy) investigating all the strange murders and disapearances in Silent Hill. You start game with a cell phone (that eventually becomes your radio for the static radar) and your normal sidearm. You explore the town and get sucked in and eventually defeat the towns latest big bad. The twist is that there are two endings you can get at any point after the real action in the game starts. You can die (duh) or you can go into your cell phone and input a secret code that gets you into the US Air Command GPS Communications. This opion can only be activated above ground and outside of the "Shadow World".

The cut scene ending has your agent hit a few keys and slam the cell phone shut as monsters begin to slowly approach him. He looks around at them and tenses up; balling his fists and shaking them up at the ky, the camera pulls up as he screams "F@%& YOU SILENT HIIIIIIILL!!!!!" Cut to a shot from a road up on a ridge overlooking the town (maybe where the jeep crashes in the first game eh?), out of the clouds high above the foggy lake three missiles streak down to the haunted shores and explode in brilliant atomic light. The flames burn for awhile and THE END fades onto the screen.
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