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Clark Anime & Japanese Club t-shirt contest
« on: March 07, 2008, 10:20:24 am »
Hello everyone!  I just wanted to post this to you all!  CAJC is having a t-shirt design contest & I'm inviting all of you to participate!  One of the other officers compiled a list of rules.

1. The picture(s) must be appropriate. (no nudity, sex, extreme violence)
2. The club name has to be within the picture(s). ("Clark Anime and Japanese Club")
3. The picture(s) can be in any format.
4. Submit a large picture for the back, a small picture for a logo, or both and not something totally different.
5. The picture(s) need to have something anime related in it even if it is just the style.
6. All submissions are due by April 5th.
7. If you don't want your picture(s) posted on our website, say so when you email it/them to me.
8. Anyone can participate in the contest.

About rule #6, I think we decided to move the duedate to the 12th.  I'll double check on that.  I may even see what I can do about getting extended to the 19th.

Send your images to: .
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