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Looking for help!
« on: September 08, 2004, 04:27:56 pm »
Hi everyone! I went to Kumoricon this year on the last two hours of the last day.  :(  Yes, I kicked myself hard for that. For the two hours I had, it was a blast though! The anime art was awesome, and I really was interested in the weapons booth that OdinsMonsters was hosting. (Whoever bought the last hero sword there watch out I will find you!  :twisted: )
Anyways, I came to the message board to find some of the artist who drew anime at this con. I need a personal anime drawn of a photo of me and my girl. Now of course I wouldn't ask anyone to do this out of good gesture, which means $$$ for the artist. Anyways if anyones interested drop me a line at Thanks! Oh and bring back more DDR next year.  :D