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~ Bleach Group Cosplay ~
« on: January 27, 2008, 10:15:15 am »
My friends and I are wanting to do a large Bleach cosplay for the convention but we only have a few characters between us.  Our group has a Rukia, an Ichigo, an Orihime, a Yoruichi, and we think a Soi-fon.  As you can see we need way more.  We are requesting for an Uryu, a Renji, and/or a Byakuya.  Anyone we can get would be great though, including doubles of anyone we already have (ex. Hollow Ichigo, schoolgirl Rukia, ect.)

We do not plan to cosplay Bleach the entire weekend, we'll be switching to Death note for the Masquerade as well as various others throughout the con.

So if anyone out there would like to be part of the group for a while to get in some photos and whatnot, e-mail me or post a reply here.  Thanks! ~ <3

EDIT:  I'm moving this to the cosplay section so please reply there.
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