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Operations Staff Positions
« on: January 20, 2008, 08:50:39 am »
Operations positions currently open:

  • Registration Staff   -   The Registration staff assists the Registration Manager during outreach events, assists with the pre-registration mail out process, and with the acquisition of at door registration information.
  • Volunteer Staff  -  Staff to help coordinate groups of volunteers for the Volunteer Manager at events of the Manager's choosing.
  • Yojimbo Staff  - Information and assistive service of Kumoricon present at all events to maintain the well being of the attendees.
  • Medical Staff  - An Emergency nursing staff only open to EMTs and Oregon RNs.

  At current we could use as many people as want to sign up, more is always helpful at times like these.  There are benefits for being Staff including a reduced attendence rate, access to the staff rooms, staff retreats and staff seating at events.
  Rules and requirements of staff are listed in the Staff Member Polices on the Registration Form.  See the link below.  If you are interested please contact the appropriate Manager or the Operations Director.
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