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AMVs that belong to meeee...
« on: January 07, 2008, 01:10:58 am »
I really want to get other people's opinions of my amvs. I started making them a few months back using material that I had  (purchased anime or anime from netflix and music on my computer) with Windows Movie Maker (evil crashing program of doom) and well yeah so I got the amvs that I have right now. Once I get some of my dvds back from friends I'd like to do more AMVs, but I wanna hear what people think about the current ones I have and constructive comments are welcome.

1) Devil Inside (My first Amv, I kinda want to remake this)
2) What I Am Living For (My second Amv)
3) Tomorrow Never Comes (My third Amv and the most viewed)
4) Black Roses Red (My fourth Amv)
5) How Can It Be? (My fifth Amv)
6) A Different Kind of Lovesong (My sixth amv)
7) Save Us All (My eighth amv)

I think a few might be contest worthy... I won't mention which ones just yet but please I would like an opinion. <3 Thank you!