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So, Guy...
« on: September 07, 2004, 02:43:52 pm »
Do you have an apparent hate for chibis, considering you said you hated "The Chibi Things That Kill" and made that one video "The Chibi Things That Met Ma Deuce"?


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Of Chibis . . .
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2004, 04:23:24 pm »
No -  there ARE a number of other chibi critters I don't mind at all or even find COOL, usually because they are USEFUL to the main characters. Incomplete list of examples: the stuffed goat in 'Last Exile' was just ADORABLE to me, then there's Pen-pen (Eva) who's OK because he abuses Shinji by being more intelligent than him at times, and then there's the seal in Kaleido Star: At first it seemed that the critter was gonna be a mooch who would distract or delay the main character from reaching her goals, but this guy actually WORKS the arena with the other acrobats. So he's cool. But Hoshimaru ('Narutaru') was a 'finalist' on the target list.

Certain other 'initial contenders' fell off the list for unusual reasons. 'Nomad' (Galaxy Angels) for instance, annoys me because its presence eclipses the character Vanilla H. Literally eclipses too, because Vanilla often holds it where it's impossible to figure out the design of rest of the costume (which makes it hard for Andie to try to replicate the costume.) HOWEVER, since Forte Stollen constantly abuses Nomad, plus sometimes it gets sufficiently burned or crushed or bruised by other plot elements, then Cosmic Justice is already being well served.

For a full explanation of chibis I (and several others in this project) find ANNOYING, see:

For further correspondence, please e-mail me privately, because I do not intend to 'hang out' on this board regularly untll MUCH closer to Kumoricon 2005.

(But I am already having fun collecting new AMV's for the shows!)

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