Which source gives the best Anime News?

Anime Insider
1 (50%)
Otaku USA
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Newtype USA
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Other *Please List Below*
1 (50%)

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Anime News Question
« on: December 21, 2007, 08:30:26 pm »
So I was thinking about subscribing to an Anime magazine but was unsure about which had the best/accurate information and had the most bang for their bucks.

First off there is the difference in price. Anime Insider: $5 for about 85 pgs. Otaku USA:$10 for a huge mag and some free episodes. Newtype:$13 for a large mag and a few free episodes.

I've only bought Anime Insider because of the price....gimmie a break... poor college student here. I was wondering what you guys opinions were of these magazines and if there were any other sources out there for anime news that are better. *Websites, Other Mags...ect.*

Thank you for your impute!

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Re: Anime News Question
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2007, 11:51:22 pm »
I used to buy NewType, but now it's sold as NewType (+ "USA version" in teeny letters) and so it's mostly about what's on pay-for type channels here in the USA, and is therefore nearly completely useless for informing me about what's new, upcoming or popular in Japan - i.e, Anime Ground-Zero. NewType USA also focuses on stuff that *personally* I'm totally NOT interested in - like English dubbers or "kinda-looks-like-manga" comic artists in the USA. It's nearly impossible to find a magazine that covers the Japanese markets exclusively, but that's the focus I'm looking for when I pick up an *anime* magazine.

Right now I'm back on websites and Wikipedia for most current info. (Wikipedia isn't fair or unbalanced, or even 100% factual, but it's a good snapshot of what a huge swath of people from a certain set of political demographics BELIEVE to be true at a given moment...) Wiki is also great because it will draw out of the woodwork the 5 otaku on the internet who can collectively remember all seven characters, the seiyuus, and episode plot synopses of some ancient old-school show from like 1983 or something... ...or 1967...

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Re: Anime News Question
« Reply #2 on: December 22, 2007, 04:25:25 pm »
http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/ is a great site for anime news. I always figure out the latest info on everything anime and more on this site.

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Re: Anime News Question
« Reply #3 on: December 22, 2007, 05:01:47 pm »
Wow- it's really interesting to see how anime magazines have just exploded along with the fandom. I remember when the ONLY anime mag was Animerica (and it came with a free poster ^_^).

But you don't need to subscribe to a magazine for the lastest info on anime. Like balmno said, Anime News Network has lotsa info. And Anime Nation is also a good source for anime info.