Author Topic: ATTN: Rhythm Gamers (Guitar Hero, DDR, BeatMania, et cetera)  (Read 933 times)

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ATTN: Rhythm Gamers (Guitar Hero, DDR, BeatMania, et cetera)
« on: November 17, 2007, 06:41:32 pm »

There's a Bemani (Rhythm Games) community site that's been up and running for a while.  I tend to schedule DDR or other bemani-related events and only announce them there, so I encourage others to join the site, especially people looking to have fun playing games with fellow enthusiasts, instead of being antisocial in your basement.

I figure it's only fair to link there from here, since people talk about Kumoricon and (more often) Sakuracon there pretty often. 

A note to the moderators/admin:
I don't think this counts as advertising, because the site is purely a community forum which doesn't even have ads.  If this is an issue, lock the topic, I guess.
moderators gonna moderate </shrug>