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Kumoricon 2008 AMV Contest **PRELIMINARY** Page!
« on: November 10, 2007, 05:41:34 pm »
It's HERE:

Just back from a trade show in Rotterdam (and I made a company video for the show!) and so with THAT project clear, HERE WE GO AGAIN - The Kumoricon 2008 AMV Contest!

The category descriptions and rules on the page are PRELIMINARY.
FINAL selection of categories is expected by 1-Jan-08, and
FINAL definitions of all categories & rules will become fixed by 1-Mar-08.


   1. DARK / HORROR / SERIOUS (DRAMA 1): Story and character study works that are serious or somber and may include unrequited emotions, grief or loss, conflict, strife, horror elements, and tragic results from misfortune, fate, or difficult decisions.
   2. DANCE / UPBEAT (DRAMA 2):Light and fun works, set to music witch a dancable beat. Themes with a positive feel or outcome.
   3. JAPANESE MUSIC: An open category using any sort of Japanese music, from traditional to enka to J-pop.
   4. [a new category here!]: I am starting a second discussion thread to see if we can or want to create a new and original AMV contest category.
      Sufficient interest or originality may move this new category to supplant one of the others listed here.
   5. COMEDY / PARODY / FUN: You know this one already - make us laugh.
   6. TRAILERS: Includes fake commercials, TV spots, and movie and game trailers. May use actual advertising audio or a fictitious creation in the style of a commercial or trailer.
   7. ACTION & EFFECTS: This is where the high-speed music and flashy stuff meet. Take your Bonine® and buckle in!


    * YES: We will accept .avi and .mpg formats encoded in Xvid 4.0, DivX 5.05, and Microsoft MPEG 4 version 2, or earlier (lower numbered) versions of these codecs. This year we will also accept h264 and .mkv encoding on an experimental basis. Entrants using formats whose works encounter difficulties in playback will have about 2 weeks beyond the deadline to re-encode the work and resubmit.

    * NO: We will reject .wmv, .swf, .mov files, and also reject SVCD disks. Basically, we'll pop the disk in a Win2K computer (to ensure backward compatibility) and we will need to see an .mpg or .avi file. If we see anything else, or VIDEO_TS / AUDIO_TS directories, that entry gets rejected. But again, provided the initial attempt is received on time, we will contact the creator and he or she will have about 2 weeks of extra time to re-encode and resubmit.

    * HINT: .zip, .tar, and .rar are -not- video compression.

    * MINIMUM QUALITY: Video size should be at least 512 x 360 and at least 23 frames/sec.

    * MAXIMUM LENGTH: The hard limit is 4 minutes and 40 seconds (4:40) which will include all bumpers, intro, ending, opening and closing titles.

    * MAXIMUM FILE SIZE: For best playback, maximum file size is 125MB and maximum bit rate is 2000 kB/sec. A good guideline is that your final encoding should not exceed 26MB per minute of length.

    * SUBTITLES and BUGS: These are to be removed by the creator unless they are carefully selected to complement the work. Exception: You may create your own subtitles and overlay graphics to add to the work. Entries displaying a codec logo from a commercial codec vendor will also be rejected. Example: DivX versions 5.12 and higher often display the DivX logo. Earlier versions often do not display the logo.


    * ANIME is: (a) created by Japanese artists and studios for TV shows and movies shown in Japan or possibly elsewhere as long as the primary dialogue is in Japanese, and (b) video content produced by Japanese game companies.

    * OTHER VIDEO CONTENT may be included in up to 10% by frame count. If other content is composited with anime, then it counts as 100% 'anime' as long as 1/3 of the visual field is of Japanese origin. Examples of non-Japanese content are:
              - USA: All Disney, Warner Bros, and Hanna-Barbera productions, also Transformers, Exosquad, Kappa Mikey, Megas XLR
                Avatar: The Last Airbender, Teen Titans
              - Korea: Wonderful Days, Invader Zim, My Beautiful Girl Mari, Robot Taekwon V
              - Canada: Di-Gata Defenders, Storm Hawks
              - France: Skyland, Code Lyoko, Team Galaxy, Totally Spies!
              - Chinese and Vietnamese copy-cat animation

      The following Wikipedia entry "Anime-influenced Animation" ( ) has a good list of cartoons of global origin, all of which are not anime, but may be used within the 10% content limit. This Wikipedia entry is another good resource for avoiding the non-anime minefield.

    * PG-13: Because of the anticipated environment, AMV contest submissions must be PG-13 or less regarding 'mature' content. The MPAA guidelines have relaxed over the years, but currently they still require no more than 0.2 seconds of so-called 'illicit material' per 30 min. Since each AMV is shorter than that, this means ONE instance per AMV, SIX frames at 30fps or FOUR frames at 24fps of 'illicit exposure' per AMV. Usually 'illicit' means 'something the character would get arrested for not wearing or for doing in public if this were real life.' However, since this is animation we can usually get away with diffuse views which fog out the naughty bits. Creators can also start with 'illicit' material and sanitize it themselves using blurs, mosaics, overlays, and other effects.

    * RADIO-CLEAN LYRICS: Self explanatory. Hint: Good audio editing can often cover an 'explicit' word with a sliver of the same length taken from an instrumental section when the band is playing the same note or chords.


    * HOW & WHERE TO SUBMIT ENTRIES: We are currently accepting entries by mail at:

      33470 Chinook Plaza
      Scappoose, OR 97056

      Electronic submissions may be arranged by emailing the contest coordinator at:

      wherein you remove all four capital 'Q' letters. Include a URL where your entry may be downloaded free, or an entry on URLs must -NOT- require any cookies, logins, registrations, fees, or passwords of any kind. URLs must be Web 1.0 (backward)-compatible and must not require Flash, Java, Javascript, or any other stupid plug-ins. The last download shall cease by 8:30pm on the deadline date.

    * NUMBER OF ENTRIES: Each entrant may enter up to THREE AMVs. Each entrant may enter up to TWO AMVs in any one category. Entrants may also submit AMVs without choosing any category, and allow the judges' panel to select the best fit (in their collective opinion.)

    * DEADLINE: The Kumoricon 2008 AMV Contest submission deadline is FRIDAY, 25-July-08. Entries must be recieved by 5:30pm on that day.

    * LATE ENTRIES are usually retained for automatic entry into the following year's contest.

    * PRE-SCREEN: All entries are reviewed by a judges' panel for video and audio quality and playback robustness. Entries are presented to the judges by random order within each category using a mechanical randomizer such as dice or other random event generator. Collectively, the judges determine the sequence of categories and the order of entries within each category. The maximum number of entries shown in any category will be SIX. Judges will thin down category entries as they see fit, and they may optionally run any entry in any other category, should they collectively agree that the work is better fit and improves the entertainment value of the overall show. These changes occur rarely and almost invariably improve the presentation impact of the entry. Nevertheless, the judges' decisions in these matters is final.

    * PRIZES are awarded to one entrant per category by a tally of audience votes. An overall, Best of Show prize is also chosen by audience vote. The judges may select an additional entry to receive a Judge's Choice award or another honor of their creation. The AMV Contest Coordinator may select an entry for Special Mention. Therefore, a total of between seven and ten prizes shall be awarded in 2008. In the unlikely event of a tie, the coordinator will attempt to convene a quorum of judges to split the tie, or if feasible the coordinator may award twin prizes.

    * OTHER NOTES: Physical media may not necessarily be returned. Physical media containing unplayable files are often disposably used as 'targets.' Entries recieved but not selected by the judges for competition may be shown at other times and places during the convention, such as the AMV Pre-Show or AMV Show. Or maybe not. Entries received for 'exhibition' as opposed to competition may run in either of these shows at the whim of the Coordinator. Or not (again.)

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