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2007 November 11th GM Minutes
« on: November 16, 2007, 05:03:00 pm »
Salem Public Library
Sunday, November 11 2007
Kumoricon General meeting: called to order @1:34 pm

Mike Andrews (chair): We have some business to attend to --

-          The Board decided to ask 2 board members to step down for one month for a "cool off" period. Secretary Ryan and Facilities Director Rian. At the end of the month, they are welcome back. In the interim, Dawn is Facilities. Sarah B. is Secretary.
-          Ryan spoke: Formally apologized for being unprofessional. Feels the punishment is just. Please email Mike with any questions and he will pass them on to Ryan.
-          Rian spoke: Said he is sorry for his part in aggravating and his participation in the incident and that it occurred at all.
-          Mike spoke: Part of the challenge is that Kumoricon is a lot of work. There is a lot of friction. In the future, what we are dealing with now will be helpful because we will learn to keep the needs of the con at heart.
Mike invited Tara, Dawn, Jaki to speak on new event:
-          They comprise an exploratory committee for a formal masquerade ball. Want to take the event that we started at the con and do it really well. Got board approval
-          Will be held at the Milwaukie Community Club. Looking for pre-event staff to help w/ refreshment, decor, lights etc.
-          A former Kumoricon attendee can get in for $10. $15 for everyone else.
-          Date: Saturday FEB 2
-          Time: 6-7:30 = formal dance lesson, then dancing until midnight
-          Music? Suggestions? Let them know. Mainly ballroom and anime music you can ballroom dance to - not a rave.
-          Looking for at-event staff - Need yojimobo, registration people at door, dance instructors
-          Dawn in charge of decor.
-          Prizes for cosplay - 4 major awards: Best formal cosplay, Best non-cosplay costume, male and female. Perhaps others.
-          Masks required. Formal dress. No Prince of Tennis - something dressier. Formal military is ok. Email if you have questions. Watch for posting on forum - no weapons.

Rian asked to give facilities report:
-          Starting to look for 2009 hotel. Split hotel solutions - we might have to cap this year.
-          Called the convention center and saw how much it would $ for cosplay there - $3000 for 2000 people. Ballroom = $9000 not counting electricity. Prob not likely.
-          Doubletree: space is not much more that at the Hilton. We had 1700 attendees when we were at the Doubletree last. We can prob fit 3500 at the Doubletree. 4000 is a question.
-          Question was asked about firecodes - daily limit? Hotel has not put in a daily limit. They look at room by room (classroom, theater etc. - configuration matters).
-          Note: Rian is looking for an apprentice. Has one application. Looking for more. Would like to have someone picked out by next meeting. Explained what the job entails - he looks at hotels for next year, negotiates a contract, receive proposals, give them details, decide on price. Need someone at con who can coordinate all contacts with the hotel (example: more h2o, move walls for programming or ops etc.)  Hotel wants one contact - someone who is authorized to tell them what is needed.
Jess Ops -
-          A week and a half ago - asst. director, managers and asst. managers were assigned and asked to look at the departments and ask for changes, recommendations etc. Will work on after this meeting.
-          Lost and found underway
-          Looking at equipment (updates etc.)
-          Examining possibility and cost of CPR, first aid classes etc.

John - Relations -
-          Looking for an assistant to attend executive more than general meetings. Hopefully in the Portland area. Explained that relations is predominantly gets guests, sponsors, exhibitor hall and artist alley.
-          John has a preliminary list of guests. A few meetings set up next week. After that, he should have a few announcements for the Dec Board meeting.
-          Also looking for a guest relations mngr. and exhibit manager and asst, exhibit manager.
-          Questioned on any hints as to which guests? Doesn't want to say - hints, if they don't come thorough, are sometimes taken as a promise.
-          Questioned how often are the executive meetings? Up to the con chair. Usually the week before the general meeting. Mike said that he will go into more detail about "where".

Jeff = Publicity -
-          Fliers and posters. A few different people interested in designing so hoping to have it done in the next two weeks, need to have hotel approve (since mentioned the name of the hotel on the flier.)After we have that, Street Team will begin.
-          One change: not all Street Team are staff - regional coordinators will be staff (no # set - perhaps 4-5)
-          Working to get all publ. job descriptions online on the Forums - Promotions and Web coming.  Publications are up.
-          Working on a plan for all promo events we want to attend -  let us know if there are some we might have missed, incl. smaller ones like clubs. Apparently we missed the Portland Comic Convention.
-          Working on adding more things to the web incl. photo gallery, club listings, archive material. Also making tech chgs. to the web - more real time, attendees can log in etc. This will save the con $$ if we can accept as opposed to through Acteva.

Dawn - vice chair - no report

Jaki - programming-

-          Has panel forms, budget req. forms. Priority to people who turn their forms in first. Pls fill in ALL info.
-          Org chart = has programming staff info.
-          Took a look at hotel, how we want the rooms laid out.

Eric - Treasurer -
-          Policies for reimbursements - need to go through board.
-          Working with board members budgets.
-          Working to finalize big purchases - More shuttles, projectors etc.
-          TAXES. Will be eating up a lot of time. Questioned on will we be paying WA sales tax for 2007? Eric will check on that. Will we be able to avoid OR state Income tax? We might have to start paying taxes unless we really begin spending. Jaki wants books.

Mike - con chair -
-         Last year we ran into some problems with growing pains at the Con - need to stress this from the beginning. Every director will have an assistant (repeated 3X). We need to spread the knowledge around. Life happens. Need to step up to make this con great.
-         At least one more mini-event/ perhaps gaming? After masquerade ball, a way for us to take new equipment and start people getting trained on it.
-         We need to distance ourselves from using Sakuracon stuff (this could solve our expenditure / tax problem)
-         If you or your friends plan on being staff or panelist, do not pre-reg. We will not reimburse. There will be a warning on the website. Questioned what if they already prereged? Unknown, Mike will check, but they will not have to pay the $10 staff fee.
-         We will need people who can run AV equipment at con and at the masquerade ball.
-         Meeting schedule planned out through Sep. - going to add Oct.
-         Director meetings - we are Skyping into that as much as possible so that people from around the area don't have to drive. Stay in contact w/ your directors and you won't have to come to every meeting.
-         Eugene - Ryan Walker, (Copic lady husband) is a Devo board member. He said that we could use the space for free -- could incl. classes and video showing as long as there was some sort of edu. element.  Could pre-reg.
-         Jan meeting is in Portland - hotel, make a mask
-         Feb - might be in Vancouver.
-         Perhaps later in the spring for Eugene?
-         Sundays are hard to get to Vancouver  (no more train). Rotating our meeting between sat and sun. This con uses the technology more than other cons - so use it. Executive meeting in Dec. No gen meeting in Dec.
-         Kri asked about Ventrilo server? Megan said she has one set up --  Mike check on.
-         As soon as Acteva approves within the next few days, reg will be up.
-         Staff reg. was available at meeting. Need  to fill out form and pay.
-         3x5 cards. = if you were staff last year, pls fill out a card to lay out where they fit on the org chart. Fill out a different card for each job.
-         Publications meeting - expanded to include other publicity things. Transcript will be posted on the forum.
-         Photo and video collection thread on forum. Please submit!
AMV announcement. See forums - new category?  Already receiving some 2008 entries. Guy said, in case he is asked to do a multimedia project, people should share some images of "fun stuff" that happened last year with him.

2:28 -- break out into groups.

- edit = deleted a bunch of extra blank lines and changed the title to match the others
- edit 2 = corrected spelling of Ventrilo
- edit 3 = Jackie -> Jaki, Anderws -> Andrews, Activa -> Acteva

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Re: 2007 November 11 General Meeting Minutes
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Re: 2007 November 11 General Meeting Minutes
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