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Hi to potential publicity staff and volunteers!

A week from today, I'll be holding an online meeting (chat) for those interesting in staff positions or volunteering in Publications. This is the part of Publicity that deals with:

  • The con program book
  • The pocket programming guide
  • The newsletter
  • The press kit
  • Signs and displays at the convention

Here are some of the staff positions we need to fill:

  • Publications Manager
  • Content Coordinator
  • Design and Layout Coordinator [may be more than one person, or people under the coordinator]
  • Writer and Copy Editor [may be more than one person]
  • Sign Coordinator [note: filled]

Volunteer opportunities:

  • Creating pieces of graphics or art for the con book, other publications, web sites, or flyers and posters
  • Writing an article for the newsletter
  • more when I think of them

There are lots of opportunities to help if you have skills in graphic design, layout, technical document construction (like, you know how to use software well but aren't necessarily art-inclined), writing, editing, and more!

Even if you aren't sure what exactly what position you'd like or what you want to do, join the meeting and we can figure it out.

Also, we'll be discussing the plans for the flyers and posters. We're experimenting with different possibilities like having four different flyer designs.

Tentative meeting details:
When, date: Wednesday, November 7, 2007
When, time: Starts 7:30pm
Where: Online, Yahoo! IM chat (contact jeff_tyrrill to be invited)

A note on the chat technology: I'm open to suggestions for alternate technologies, such as IRC. The choice of chat system must support conversations with multiple users such that everyone can see everyone else's messages (i.e. a chat room), and there must be a choice of multiple client software that people can use (so no systems that have one client for just one operating system or something like that). I believe Yahoo fits this where AIM and Jabber (XMPP) don't seem to have as widespread as support. (For example, Google Talk, which is an XMPP-based system, does not support multi-user chats as far as I can tell.) You don't need to use the official Yahoo software. You can use a third party replacement such as Pidgin, Miranda, or one of the applications based on Pidgin's libpurple library such as Adium or Meebo.

Shortly (next 1-3 days), I will post the following to this thread:

  • Detailed position descriptions for each staff position including responsibilities, requirements (skills), and timelines.
  • Confirmation of the meeting details.

See you all next week!
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I've been behind, and haven't posted the detailed position descriptions yet. These will be up tomorrow (possibly late). It will be for the 5 positions listed in the first post.

But the meeting for Wednesday, Nov. 7 is still on. Details the same as in the first post. 7:30pm, Yahoo! IM chat, contact jeff_tyrrill to be invited.

I look forward to meeting anybody who is interested or curious!
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Finally, here are the position descriptions, as promised.

This post contains general requirements. Following, each position description is in its own post.

General requirements for all positions:

• Stay in communication with the person you report to and/or the director regularly, and with people who report to you. Must reply to emails in a timely manner.
• Must meet important deadlines if and when they have been set.
• Attend meetings (online or in-person) that are required or relevant to your position. Stay aware of general Kumoricon news that affects your position.
• If your position involves contacting or interacting with the public, press, or other contacts outside of Kumoricon, represent Kumoricon professionally and keep the person you report to informed on the status of the contact(s).
• Follow all general Kumoricon staff and attendee policies.

Additional requirements for manager positions:

• Give regular reports to the director on the status of your projects. (The format for this has not been determined yet, but it will likely be an online form or document. It won't be very time consuming.) Reports will cover:
    o Spending and budget needs
    o Progress on projects
    o Needs (for staff, assistance, information, meetings, etc.)
    o Processes—comments, suggestions, changes
• Be alert to the needs of staff who report to you. Pass on information on any particularly good contributions by individual staff members.
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Position description: Publications Manager
« Reply #3 on: November 07, 2007, 03:25:49 am »
Publications Manager
Reports to: Director of Publicity

Summary: Oversee the creation of the con book, pocket programming guide, newsletter, press kit, and other convention publications. Responsible for collecting and assembling the various elements that make these projects come together.


• Oversees the completion and progress of Kumoricon's publications, including but not limited to:
    o The con program book
    o The pocket programming guide
    o The newsletter
    o The press kit
    o Signs and displays at the convention
• Ensures that the publications use a unified design for the convention year (where applicable).
• Oversees:
    o Gathering content and other essential information from Programming and other areas of the convention
    o Creation of graphic design and art elements
    o Writing content that promotes Kumoricon to potential attendees and to the press
    o Gathering content to use in publications contributed by other staff and volunteers (photos, newsletter articles)
• Manages staff who report to you to help with the above responsibilities.


• Technical ability in creating documents, including knowledge of page layout and printing issues.
• Access and ability to use essential software. Strongly recommended is current versions of Adobe Creative Suite Design and Microsoft Office, although no specific software is required for the position. Other programs may work for you but in general (may not be true for you, but in general), you won't be as effective without CS and Office. (In practice, a larger document such as the con book is typically completed in InDesign and consists of components from Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, and Word, which is the reason for this strong recommendation.)
• Attention to detail—documents should be polished, professional, and carefully proofed.

Important timelines (approximate): (note: some of these items are done by people under the Publications Manager but the Publications Manager oversees them)

• Con book
    o Feb.: Design and layout elements in template form for newsletter, press kit, and con book
    o June: Mostly complete design, layout, and template for con book—including hotel map, restaurant map and hours, art, photos, clip art, and other non-scheduling dependent material.
    o Early July: Received mostly complete schedule, blurbs, data from programming; guests from relations; letter and photo from chair.
    o Mid-July: Deadline for other departments to submit final changes to information in the con book, such as changes to the schedule or the staff list.
    o Late July: Submit book to printer.
• Newsletter and press kit
    o The newsletter and press kit will be created in tandem and overlap in content.
        ■ Newsletter targeted toward attendees and potential attendees
        ■ Press kit targeted toward press
    o First issue: Early Mar.
    o Second issue: Late June
    o Third issue: Late Aug. (just before the con)
    o Revisions
        ■ Each newsletter issue is independent with new content.
        ■ Press kit will initially be ready at the same time as the first newsletter issue, but subsequent versions will be edits and additions rather than a completely new document.
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Position description: Content Coordinator
« Reply #4 on: November 07, 2007, 03:26:22 am »
Content Coordinator
Reports to: Publications Manager

Summary: Arranges and gathers content to use in the con book, newsletters, and other publications. Researches information and works with other staff to get convention information.


• Arranges contributions from other staff and volunteers such as newsletter articles, and con and cosplay photographs for use in publications.
• Organizes and gathers data about event scheduling, event descriptions, guests, exhibitors, historical data, and other logistical information from other areas of the con, such as Programming, for including in various publications.
• Solicits input from other staff on content for the con book and pocket guide, newsletters, and web site.


• Good organizational skills to ensure the completeness and accuracy of information.
• Ability to communicate well with other staff to ask for information, find out who to go to for information, and ensure that the information is detailed and accurate.
• Attention to timelines to ensure that information is gathered with enough lead time. (Often, the person you ask has to go through other people, or sends you to go to other people, and those people's answers waits on certain issues, etc. which all take extra time.)

Important timelines (approximate):

• Newsletter and press kit—see above (in timeline for Publications Manager)
• Nov.-Feb.: Historical information for web site
• June: Initial material for con book: Hotel map, restaurant map and hours, clip art, photos, etc.
• July: Detailed information for con book from other departments: Schedule, event blurbs, guests, staff list, letter from chair, relations details, etc.
• Continuous: Updates for web site
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Position description: Design and Layout Coordinator
« Reply #5 on: November 07, 2007, 03:26:53 am »
Design and Layout Coordinator
Reports to: Publications Manager

There may be more than one person with a similar job description, so additional people may report to the Design and Layout Coordinator. Portions of this job may additionally be done in small parts by volunteers. The roles may vary according to the skills and interests of the people filling the positions.

Summary: Creates design and graphic elements and templates across many publications and documents. Edits articles, content, and graphics into finished documents.


• Creates original graphical designs and layouts for convention publications. This includes both graphic elements, decorative artwork, and technical aspects such as headers, paragraphs and page bodies, and textual elements.
• Incorporates ongoing features of Kumoricon into design and art, including the mascots, Kumoricon theming such as the blue color and the colors of the year's mascot, clouds, the logo, and fonts.
• Ensures consistency between design elements for the convention year while customizing the design as needed for each specific publication or document.
• Creates art and layout for:
    o Flyers and posters
    o Web site
    o Convention books (main con book, press kit, newsletter)
    o Template for signs and promotional displays


• Skill with design, layout, and/or original art.
• Technical ability in the use of software for creating designs, layouts, and documents.
• Attention to detail in technical aspects of design, including alignment, positioning, color, effects, and consistency.

Important timelines (approximate):

• Feb.: Design and layout elements in template form for newsletter, press kit, and con book
• June: Mostly complete design, layout, and template for con book
• Newsletter and press kit—see above (in timeline for Publications Manager)
• Continuous: Miscellaneous documents and art as the need arises
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Position description: Writer and Copy Editor
« Reply #6 on: November 07, 2007, 03:27:24 am »
Writer and Copy Editor
Reports to: Publications Manager

There may be more than one person in this position. The roles will vary based on the skills and interests of each person filling the position.

Summary: Writes publicity text for press releases and publications and copy edits all documents and text within the Publicity department, as necessary.


• Writes publicity copy to fit a given purpose and focus. This includes press releases as well as material targeted directly at potential attendees.
• Writes articles and text copy to fit "empty" spots in the newsletter and press kit. Writes small pieces of text as needed throughout publications and the web site.
• Edits documents and blurbs for technical issues (usage, grammar, and spelling) and editorial issues, where appropriate (length, feel, tone, message, and representation of Kumoricon).


• Should be familiar with Kumoricon and its culture and feel comfortable producing text for different needs.
• Extensive attention to detail—copy should be professional and carefully proofed.

Important timelines (approximate):

• Should be available ongoing to edit bits of text as needed
• Newsletter and press kit—see above (in timeline for Publications Manager)
• June-July: Con book and pocket guide
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Position description: Sign Coordinator
« Reply #7 on: November 07, 2007, 03:27:46 am »
Sign Coordinator [note: filled]
Reports to: Publications Manager

Summary: Determines signage needs, both pre-con and at-con, and produces signs for the convention and convention events.


• Coordinates signage requests from other departments in the convention.
• Creates layouts for needed signs and displays.
• Creates the physical signs, if needed, from the printouts and materials.


• Incorporate the graphic design template and elements into the signs.
• Ensures signs are of appropriate appearance, size, and legibility.

Important timelines (approximate):

• Ongoing, and especially July: Collect signage information from other departments and design signs.
• August: Design last signs and print and create all physical signs.
• Ongoing: Create signs for Kumoricon promotional events as needed.
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Thanks Jeff! I'll be on! I want to bounce an idea off of you about having a press secretary or someone tasked with collecting articles that have been written about us and getting permission to post on our website...

Everyone should join publicity cuz it rocks! Anyone who has drawings for the con book is much encouraged to submit (I did last year).
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We've started the meeting and everybody who has tried to contact me is in the chat room. If I missed you, please email me at Thanks!
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Content Coordinator
Reports to: Publications Manager

Summary: Arranges and gathers content to use in the con book, newsletters, and other publications. Researches information and works with other staff to get convention information.
I am curious about this position's details.  Specifically the precise meaning of 'Arranges'.  It sounds like that means something along the lines of overall layout design.  In the case of print media like a newspaper that would be determining how to jigsaw the stories together, but not the actual content of the stories.

This is a position I'd likely be interested in helping out with, if not actually doing.  At the very least, systems I am interested in developing and refining will play an integral part in much of the information flowing to this position, some of which could be formatted or have formatting options, as suggested/requested.
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Thanks for posting this! This helps outline better what you are looking for. I am definitely interested in the Design and Layout coordinator position.

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Log of the 2007-11-07 meeting:

Summary of important things discussed:

• Timing: Print multiple batches now, or one at a time as needed.
• Theming: Whether to have targeted flyers such as gaming, manga, etc.
• Quantity: Budgeted for 20000 last year, only printed 15000, didn't quite use all of those
• Art: Anybody interested in contributing art toward flyer designs? Already have art but others can contribute also
• URL: Suggestion to have URL on both front and back
• Quantity: Looking into smaller print run than 1000--have lots of leftovers every year
• Art: Anybody interested in contributing art toward poster designs? Already have art but others can contribute also
• List of upcoming nearby anime cons to trade flyers or ads with
• Planning on participating in Starlight Parade--awaiting info and entry forms for 2008
• Looking into Eugene events
• Need to create a Kumoricon banner for reuse at promotional events
• Position descriptions posted
• Design consistency between different documents


bronise76 - Sarah
caiganmythfang - Will
J Cox - Jennifer
jeff_tyrrill - Jeff
leashy513 - Alicia (AKA Leashy)
sable_irus_kri - Kri

(19:59:59) jeff_tyrrill: so a big thing we need to discuss is posters and flyers.
(20:00:18) jeff_tyrrill: we have some sample designs that kri has done.
(20:00:31) jeff_tyrrill: they feature the mascot and other kumoricon art.
(20:00:46) J Cox: could up load them somewhere neutral so we can view them
(20:00:50) sable_irus_kri: the blue is still my fav
(20:00:57) jeff_tyrrill: ok, i should have done that already :)
(20:01:02) J Cox: no prob
(20:02:19) bronise76: how many styles do we have right now?
(20:02:56) jeff_tyrrill: 4 of each design for front and back
(20:03:10) jeff_tyrrill: a question is do we want themed flyers for specific target audiences--like gaming, manga, etc.
(20:03:17) jeff_tyrrill: or just have 4 designs that can be used anywhere.
(20:03:26) jeff_tyrrill: if the latter, then probably they would be somewhat similar but just vary.
(20:03:51) jeff_tyrrill: one reason that works out is because last year we had 15,000 and our printer does them in batches of 5000, so it's not hard to see how we would need 20,000 this year.
(20:04:23) jeff_tyrrill: the other side is just it's not worth the extra work when each individual person is only going to see one of them and that's it.
(20:05:38) J Cox: sorry everyone, I am back
(20:05:42) sable_irus_kri: I like the four flier idea but probably shouldn't split the targeting up too much... It is good to keep a main theme and alter it a bit
(20:05:50) caiganmythfang: I agree with that
(20:05:53) jeff_tyrrill: i am tending to agree with that.
(20:06:17) J Cox: yeah, I did some posters like that...and in the end, it was better to keep it consistant with one design
(20:06:40) J Cox: perhaps you shake up the colors a tad if you wanting to use them for small events before the convention
(20:06:40) jeff_tyrrill: i was thinking put a variant of the hotel in the web header on the back, perhaps faded and light, in the background, kinda like the bridge art in the 2006 poster.
(20:06:42) bronise76: Okay here is the breakdown of how we used the fliers last year: January - had 5,000 and gave them out via street team and meetings May -- second printing of 5,000. We actually had some comic stores complain that the didn't want fliers on the counter for 9 months. Then I think we had the third batch printed in August and barely gave them out (since we had an oopsie printing in between)
(20:06:58) jeff_tyrrill: ah, ok.
(20:07:07) jeff_tyrrill: so this may be a case where we still want to go one batch at a time.
(20:07:13) jeff_tyrrill: we do have the option of varying them, then, at that time.
(20:07:59) sable_irus_kri: we could seasonal color theme them
(20:08:25) J Cox: we could, there is talk about a some sort of dance/ball thing for this winter....
(20:08:32) jeff_tyrrill: the only problem is we would run out/reprint not on season boundaries :)
(20:08:40) J Cox: true
(20:09:04) J Cox: I guess my vote would lean toward to stay with one if there are any leftovers, they can carry over
(20:09:05) sable_irus_kri: if it was subtle it wouldn't make a difference
(20:09:08) bronise76: I think it would be a good idea to give out the first batch of fliers to staff asap and maybe send some out with the invites to vendors, but not really get started with street team until the events start to kick in (April/May = Asian Fest in Portland, Uwajimaya, Sakuracon)
(20:09:19) jeff_tyrrill: it is likely we wouldn't do an intense street team flyer push for the dance. because the capacity doesn't support it. and because stores would be less likely to put out flyers for an event of that size.
(20:09:42) J Cox: yeah, definately agree, especially making a street team push for April/May
(20:09:44) jeff_tyrrill: and given the budget for the dance a batch of flyers is somewhat significant.
(20:09:57) J Cox: especially since Sakuracon comes up in March
(20:10:04) jeff_tyrrill: in cost, that is. whereas for the main kumoricon event the cost is well worth it.
(20:10:44) bronise76: Oh man thats right - Sakura is at the end of march
(20:10:57) sable_irus_kri: is there any way we could find a company to do a smaller run of posters. It seems like we run out of fliers but never posters... kind of a waste
(20:10:57) bronise76: I didn't think we were considering specifc fliers for the dance
(20:10:58) jeff_tyrrill: then what i'm leaning toward is do flyers a batch at a time and vary them if needed for subsequent runs.
(20:11:38) jeff_tyrrill: that might work for the posters. i still have those big boxes of posters, kri, plus the 2007 ones at my house now :)
(20:11:55) sable_irus_kri: Lol
(20:12:06) jeff_tyrrill: so then let's focus on art for the posters/flyers. here's the URL for kri's designs
(20:12:33) jeff_tyrrill:
(20:12:35) bronise76: What does anyone else thing of having a "themed" flier -- it was suggested by gaming since Morgan is going to a number (not sure which ones) of gaming specific cons. In a way, it would be away to combat the fact that PAX is the same weekend as Kcon - get people to come to us that might not be able to make it to PAX
(20:12:37) jeff_tyrrill: it's ~20MB
(20:12:48) J Cox: oi...
(20:13:03) jeff_tyrrill: zipped up PNGs
(20:13:04) caiganmythfang: yikes 20 hehe
(20:13:06) J Cox: I can't do that with my dial up
(20:13:17) J Cox: maybe when I have a few hours to spare later
(20:13:29) jeff_tyrrill: ok :) let me try to describe them then
(20:14:19) jeff_tyrrill: they are various arrangements of the adult and/or chibi mascot, with various effects for the background like gradient or partial transparency
(20:14:27) jeff_tyrrill: with varying text copy in different layouts.
(20:14:55) sable_irus_kri: here, give me a moment and I'll throw a shrink version onto deviant art
(20:15:01) jeff_tyrrill: that works :)
(20:15:05) J Cox: no prob
(20:15:37) J Cox: bronise, now what do you mean by "themed"?
(20:15:58) jeff_tyrrill: i think like targeted to gaming, manga, etc.
(20:16:33) J Cox: well, techincally there is already a theme to the convention with the mascot and the offical logo
(20:16:40) jeff_tyrrill: one thing i'd like to see for this meeting, or those reading the transcript, is whether anyone is interested in drawing any art for the posters and/or flyers. otherwise i am thinking i will incorporate a variant of the web top header hotel image.
(20:17:00) bronise76: I guess the idea would be to keep all the info on there, but have more details as to the specific target audiance (talk more about gaming tournaments, etc.)
(20:17:36) J Cox: k
(20:18:10) jeff_tyrrill: i will ask morgan about that, to see whether it sounds like there are enough gaming cons to warrant that.
(20:18:16) bronise76: I am just wondering and thought I'd bring it up since I was asked about it. If there is a reason not to do it, that's fine too. :-) our regular fliers could still be taken to said cons...
(20:18:22) jeff_tyrrill: i'm worried that might not be the case though, esp. if she is traveling to go to those.
(20:18:36) caiganmythfang: Well, if anyone is interested (here or reading this), if you can draw but not ink up clean lines and color very well, I'm good at that.
(20:19:01) bronise76: The other thing is timing -- re: when is gaming going to finalize anything enough that we can print it on a flier?
(20:19:02) jeff_tyrrill: for example at, say, fanime, a few people take the flyers, but even from california you don't find too many people who want to drive to portland, 11 hrs...("uphill both ways!")
(20:19:08) J Cox: what needs to be done is contact who would be in charge of publicity with those cons and see if you can submit the flyers for the show
(20:19:25) J Cox: so all you need is to ship them in...if that is at all possible

(20:19:32) bronise76: I'm flying to Ohio-con in January!

(20:20:03) jeff_tyrrill: we had a table at fanime in 2006, skipped it in 07 because just wasn't justified. however, us attending and talking to _dealers_ paid off quite well.
(20:20:36) J Cox: whatever works
(20:20:44) jeff_tyrrill: and with our size that's kinda something we have to remember, we don't have a huge amount of travelers. however we _are_ starting to get some.
(20:21:00) jeff_tyrrill: i think they tend to buy the VIP regs a bit higher too :)
(20:21:08) jeff_tyrrill: which is something we can add to the flyer, perhaps.
(20:21:22) sable_irus_kri: yeah, better to get the "full" experiance with
(20:21:30) jeff_tyrrill: even if we don't need to list it because the VIPs will sell out anyway, it's eye-catching.
(20:21:43) bronise76: We can do flier exchanges too. I had a list of WA, OR and CA cons that are held before Kcon. Let me check if I still have that. BTW -- is Publicity going to be in charge of getting the Kcon table at SakuraCon?
(20:21:53) jeff_tyrrill: yes on sakura.
(20:22:22) J Cox: so it sounds like we need to have flyers ready by January then?
(20:22:26) jeff_tyrrill: hmm...there were some issues with that involving power...i need to talk to who made the deal last year (i think meg) and be sure that was resolved.
(20:22:44) jeff_tyrrill: i may do that thru mike since we are talking with sakura about our equipment trade.
(20:23:27) jeff_tyrrill: once i post this tonight and give everyone a few days to read it and contribute ideas, i'm gonna get the flyer and poster design finished and get those to the printer.
(20:23:34) jeff_tyrrill: hopefully so we have them around early december.
(20:23:50) J Cox: k
(20:24:06) sable_irus_kri:
(20:24:20) sable_irus_kri: two are up third and fourth are loading
(20:24:24) jeff_tyrrill: i plan on using nitroprint again for the flyers, will check for shorter runs elsewhere and go with nitroprint or another vendor on the posters.
(20:24:29) jeff_tyrrill: will order one batch of 5000 flyers.
(20:24:40) jeff_tyrrill: the next issue then.
(20:24:47) jeff_tyrrill: who is interested in various staff positions that have been posted.
(20:25:06) J Cox: as much as I would like, there would be no way I could make the meetings
(20:25:14) jeff_tyrrill: one thing to keep in mind is there is some "flexibility", that is, if we decide a different "org chart" would work a little better at this stage it can still be changed.
(20:25:32) bronise76: We always have way too many posters'
(20:25:57) J Cox: hey, the poster looks good
(20:26:03) jeff_tyrrill: another thing, is you can start out volunteering and see what stuff you like to do and then promote to a higher position if it is still open.
(20:26:06) caiganmythfang: hehe
(20:26:22) J Cox: here's an idea...have you thought about a pop phrase...or a hook ?
(20:26:48) J Cox: well, beyond the "oregon's anime convention" oriented line
(20:28:00) leashy513 entered the room.
(20:28:07) jeff_tyrrill: yay!
(20:28:08) sable_irus_kri: heh, I suggested "Let it rain" one year but we didn't do anything with it
(20:28:14) caiganmythfang: hehe
(20:28:22) leashy513: hi! :)
(20:28:22) J Cox: ><
(20:28:28) jeff_tyrrill: i had a nice tagline on a banner ad i made for japan-a-radio this year.
(20:28:34) J Cox: hey Leashy
(20:28:37) jeff_tyrrill: they contacted us again to do an ad trade.
(20:28:41) J Cox: what was it?
(20:28:46) jeff_tyrrill: however, i sent it to them, and never heard back!! :(
(20:28:53) caiganmythfang: yeah =T
(20:28:56) J Cox: oh
(20:29:03) J Cox: bummer
(20:29:04) jeff_tyrrill: i sent them a couple reminders, and even offered to run their ad again from last year, but nothing :(
(20:29:14) jeff_tyrrill: hopefully it was just a mix-up or they were busy or something.
(20:29:24) jeff_tyrrill: i'll link the image
(20:29:29) J Cox: coo;l
(20:29:32) caiganmythfang: I never did see the image actually
(20:29:34) bronise76: Other tri-state Conventions (note Dates are 2007) - Jan. 13-14, 2007 - Sac-Anime, Sacramento, California, Jan. 26-28, 2007 - Anime Los Angeles, Van Nuys, California, March 16-18, 2007 - Anime Oasis, Boise, Idaho, - March 31, 2007 - Chibi Fest, Las Vegas, Nevada, - April 6-8, 2007 - Tales of Anime, San Mateo, California, Sakura-Con Seattle - May 25-28, 2007 - Fanime Con, San Jose, California June 29-July 2, 2007 - Anime Expo, Long Beach, California - also: Portland Comic Book Show Feb. 18 The Memorial Coliseum is located at 1401 N Wheeler Avenue, Portland, OR 97227-1831 - Stumptown comicfest - October - at the convention center - Other Portland comic fest?? Also, isn't there something in Idaho?
(20:30:10) jeff_tyrrill: i'll be at boise :)
(20:30:19) jeff_tyrrill: there is another con in boise. fandemonium. we did a book ad swap with them.
(20:30:28) jeff_tyrrill: oasis doesn't do ads but they have a flyer table.
(20:30:41) bronise76: Hi Leashy!
(20:30:43) jeff_tyrrill: here was the japan-a-radio banner ad that didn't get run:
(20:30:43) J Cox: cool, definately do that if you think it will pay
(20:31:05) jeff_tyrrill: boise is starting a third anime con in 2008, it's crazy! :)
(20:31:06) sable_irus_kri: btw... about turning it back to "oregon's anime convention" It really isn't anymore... Its either a portland metro or portland vancouver so... it would be very good to get a pop phrase instead of that
(20:31:20) jeff_tyrrill: fandemonium is "all fandom", sci-fi, anime, tabletop gaming, etc. all in one con
(20:31:26) J Cox: for theme designs after looking at the flyer, why can't we play off the cool cloud design on the catgirl's dress
(20:31:46) jeff_tyrrill: will you were working on something like that with the web site buttons. maybe we can use that.
(20:31:51) J Cox: jeff, that is a fun banner
(20:31:53) J Cox: I like it a lot
(20:32:04) caiganmythfang: Yeah, I was playing with a bunch of small cloud designs for the website, but none looked right
(20:32:32) caiganmythfang: So it'd be nice if the clouds stuff show up in other areas =D
(20:32:40) J Cox: it's a little tricky, espeically since the style of the hotel in the background does not match up with the mascot design
(20:32:45) leashy513: Hey Jeff I have a question well for anyone really, doe anyone know if we are for sure having a min-con this year? because that would be a really good thing to promote so we can get more attendees for the actual con signed up
(20:32:50) bronise76: I love the banner -- where else could we shop it? I found an old 2005 Marketing plan for Kumoricon and they had priced what a banner on MegaTokyo would cost (prob out of our price range these days!)
(20:33:10) jeff_tyrrill: is that zac's plan? i have that too ^_^
(20:33:38) bronise76: RE: Poster design. I like the last two years where we've had a cityscape in the bkground
(20:33:42) jeff_tyrrill: we are planning on having not only the dance but other mini-events but nothing is decided yet.
(20:34:00) jeff_tyrrill: i think the 2004 year had the marriot in the art.
(20:34:04) leashy513: ok and I know this is dumb but who all is here? I don't recognize names
(20:34:04) J Cox: yeah, last year's stuff was pretty solid
(20:34:07) jeff_tyrrill: web site, etc. you can see it on
(20:34:08) bronise76: And I like the stylized hotel image
(20:34:14) bronise76: All the fliers are excellent!
(20:34:20) jeff_tyrrill: oh sorry leashy here's an intro :)
(20:34:24) caiganmythfang: lemme nab the quick thing from above...or jeff can
(20:34:33) jeff_tyrrill: bronise76 - sarah caiganmythfang - will J Cox - jennifer sable_irus_kri - kri jeff_tyrrill - jeff
(20:34:34) sable_irus_kri: I like the color scheme of last year, very clean
(20:34:46) jeff_tyrrill: leashy513 - leashy aka alicia
(20:35:01) leashy513: aka o.o Leasy =D
(20:35:08) leashy513: ohwait
(20:35:11) leashy513: typo
(20:35:12) leashy513: nm
(20:35:34) J Cox: here's an idea....
(20:35:43) J Cox: wait nevermind
(20:36:11) jeff_tyrrill: if we use the hotel i'm gonna re-draw it with more detail. also if somebody else would like to take a stab at it, i'd be happy to see it. i have the original 3D model in rhino 3D format so it can be done at a different angle, plus the illustrator shapes drawn over it.
(20:36:33) J Cox: and use it was a background like last year....
(20:36:52) jeff_tyrrill: the front is all plain. if somebody is really ambitious they can draw other buildings too, that would take me forever though :P
(20:37:00) bronise76: RE: Catch phraze brainstorm: "It can't rain all the time" "When it rains it pours" "It's Raining Otaku!" hee hee hee.
(20:37:05) jeff_tyrrill: so if i redid it i'd add a bit more detail or trees to the front of the hotel.
(20:37:13) leashy513: are there any actual templates to look at yet or are we ust talking ideas?
(20:37:16) jeff_tyrrill: hehe we should have a contest for that.
(20:37:21) caiganmythfang: oooh
(20:37:22) jeff_tyrrill: oh sorry, here's the url
(20:37:24) caiganmythfang: thats an idea
(20:37:25) jeff_tyrrill:
(20:37:30) leashy513: gracias amigo
(20:37:42) J Cox: thanks
(20:37:46) sable_irus_kri: "It can't rain all the time" great except it is a song
(20:37:47) jeff_tyrrill: or which is 20MB
(20:38:09) J Cox: they are good, but it seems a little uneffective in communicating
(20:38:19) sable_irus_kri: I've got to take off for work...
(20:38:24) J Cox: k
(20:38:25) J Cox: later
(20:38:26) leashy513: ok great have seen these thanks!bye Kri
(20:38:28) caiganmythfang: aw, later
(20:38:39) bronise76: One request for the fliers -- could we at least have the website on each side (front and back?) Bye Kri!
(20:38:41) sable_irus_kri: -wave-
(20:38:43) sable_irus_kri: bye
(20:38:45) sable_irus_kri: take care
(20:38:46) jeff_tyrrill: ok thanks kri, i'll post the transcript
(20:39:04) jeff_tyrrill: ok sarah i'll do that, good idea
(20:39:19) leashy513: I like the poster idea, probably because of the color scheme, the thing I really have trouble with on the flier ideas is the whole "you" thing. It is cute but seems a bit tacky, does anyone else things so?
(20:39:20) sable_irus_kri left the room.
(20:39:50) J Cox: yeah...and well the text having to compete with the transparent background image
(20:39:56) jeff_tyrrill: i probably won't end up using that model, and will have the text itself be somewhat generic.
(20:40:18) J Cox: at least this gives an idea what we want and don't want to do
(20:40:24) jeff_tyrrill: the main tagline i want kumoricon to be "known" by should be something simple, like "oregon's anime convention", however, in some places we can vary it.
(20:40:48) bronise76: I like the "you" thing! I think the big mascot on the poster is a little offputting (if that's word.)
(20:40:50) J Cox: sure, simple is good when it comes to that stuff
(20:41:17) bronise76: "Cloudy with a chance of anime?"
(20:41:33) jeff_tyrrill: i'll have to collect these and list them out and people can informally vote on them.
(20:41:42) J Cox: maybe we can do a small series of flash banners with some good catchy phrases like jeff did
(20:41:48) J Cox: that might work out a little better
(20:41:49) leashy513: well if it is going to say "you" we should add something like "kumoricon wants you!" otherwise it sounds a bit rude to be just saying you haha
(20:43:01) J Cox: Back when we were talking about poster and flyer variations, why can't we do variation based on the color scheme of the mascot
(20:43:02) bronise76: I'm just throwing s**t out there! Can anyone else think of cons that have a catch phrase / description?
(20:43:05) jeff_tyrrill: another topic to cover in this meeting is who is interested in working on graphic design and layout for the various publications. there are several different "focuses", like one thing is we need a basic template for the various books.
(20:43:08) leashy513: hey Jeff or Sarah is there anyway to get an updated contact sheet and Advertise with us sheet showing the rates so that we cna get them prepared for street teamers?
(20:43:18) jeff_tyrrill: yes, i will be working on that.
(20:43:22) J Cox: i would be up for the template thing
(20:43:25) caiganmythfang: same basic thing I worked on before?
(20:43:50) jeff_tyrrill: will: yes! i want to be sure we have staff working on the publications. i did most of them last year :P
(20:44:17) leashy513: Sarah I don't know if I have seen any big cons with taglines
(20:44:19) caiganmythfang: hehe, of course I'm for that, was great doing it last time
(20:44:25) caiganmythfang: and this time I'm not joining at the last minute, lol
(20:44:25) jeff_tyrrill: ok. let me link to the press kit (it's not public but it's on the site)
(20:44:26) leashy513: but if we find a good on it could be our thing
(20:44:34) jeff_tyrrill: that's another "book" we did and emailed to the press.
(20:45:15) jeff_tyrrill: we ended up having those "shadow boxes" on the web site, in the press kit, and on the back page of the first newsletter.
(20:45:18) bronise76: Jeff -- what do you think about having press stuff on the website? Articles from past years from the various newspapers..?
(20:45:23) jeff_tyrrill: yes, definitely.
(20:46:00) jeff_tyrrill: sarah had you already sent me a list of news bits? i will get it up if you have. if not, i will have somebody compile them.
(20:46:17) bronise76: Kewl - I can work on that for 2007 stuff
(20:46:35) J Cox: okay, I am not sure who has done what, I am assuming we are talking about the press release materials
(20:47:14) bronise76: I will need to check with the publications to see if we could have permission to repost - shouldn't be a prob.
(20:47:54) jeff_tyrrill: i did the press kit last year, will did the pocket guide, i ended up doing the con book and the newsletter was bits and pieces done by me, julie, and other people for the articles.
(20:48:32) jeff_tyrrill: the con book has had a simple design from 2005-2007, i was hoping to have something more "elaborate".
(20:48:56) jeff_tyrrill: if you look at the books of a bigger con like fanime or sakura-con they are more detailed. if we can do that (partially at least) that'd be really cool.
(20:49:05) jeff_tyrrill: in terms of art and design, that is.
(20:49:08) caiganmythfang: yeah
(20:49:22) J Cox: and the con book is the large one that goes in the swag...?
(20:49:38) jeff_tyrrill: yes.
(20:49:41) J Cox: k
(20:49:45) jeff_tyrrill: the "program" in officially terminology. :)
(20:49:55) J Cox: so what do you have in mind when it comes to details?
(20:50:02) leashy513: hey guys when are we planning to start gettig fliers finalized and ordered?
(20:50:33) J Cox: mid December
(20:50:40) leashy513: also I didn't know if anyone has a list of cons we have had a table at in the past or that we are hoping to have a table at this year
(20:50:48) jeff_tyrrill: leashy: toward end of this month, received in early december. there were some people who couldn't make this meeting who i think might be interested in contributing to the design, so i will leave the transcript up and then finalize the design once i have heard from people.
(20:51:06) jeff_tyrrill: i am considering fanime once again, as tom said he might try to take pocky club there.
(20:51:12) bronise76: Do you have a printer picked out for the con book? Seems like they are really expensive uinless partilly sponsored.
(20:51:13) jeff_tyrrill: maybe we could share or cross-promote.
(20:51:38) jeff_tyrrill: i was probably going to repeat premier graphics from last year, and really just make sure to get the ad solicitations out sooner.
(20:51:43) jeff_tyrrill: i kinda dropped the ball on that in 2007
(20:51:59) J Cox: personal I liked how the book looked this year...liked it a lot better then 2006
(20:52:10) jeff_tyrrill: i think if i hadn't done it last minute, we would have had a few more advertisers. 1 or 2 initially were interested but said something to the effect of they couldn't do it on short notice.
(20:52:53) leashy513: Do we know if there were any conswe went to last year that didn't turn out so well for us? I know there are some events that didn't fit
(20:53:16) jeff_tyrrill: chibi chibi con was a bit smaller than we expected. we might not need to do them again.
(20:53:31) J Cox: sorry, gotta boogey. Jeff, I will keep in touch.
(20:53:37) J Cox: thanks for inviting me
(20:53:42) jeff_tyrrill: no prob, will post the transcript!
(20:53:43) caiganmythfang: aw, k
(20:53:45) bronise76: Thanks Wil!
(20:53:45) leashy513: well from what I was told it was mostly college students who didn't really have a way here
(20:53:49) J Cox left the room.
(20:53:56) bronise76: Chibi chibi con should just be a flier swap
(20:54:32) jeff_tyrrill: anime evolution is a possibility because they are largish (slightly bigger than us each year) and _right_ before us. BUT few will probably cross the border south and drive 5 hours to get there.
(20:54:51) bronise76: Asia fest Eugene - I think we should do only if we have people willing to staff and only if they get the fliers etc. ahead of time (we had to fedex fliers to Eugene overnight this year!)
(20:55:21) jeff_tyrrill: portland chinese times called me (left a message) asking if were interested in the new year event again.
(20:55:24) bronise76: Chinese new year - I reccomend not doing this year(Feb portland)
(20:55:27) jeff_tyrrill: i think that was the one that didn't fit us too well.
(20:55:30) leashy513: When is Asia fest
(20:55:32) leashy513: ?
(20:55:37) bronise76: I think I would rather see us at Asia Fest Cle (May?)
(20:55:40) jeff_tyrrill: i think april/mayish?
(20:56:11) leashy513: Stevelives up there so if he is still living there then, he and I could probably get some people together, so I will keep you postd when it gets closer just remind me
(20:56:16) bronise76: May 24 at the convention center
(20:56:28) jeff_tyrrill:
(20:56:59) bronise76: What are your guys thoughts on the TwilightParade in June?
(20:57:19) jeff_tyrrill:
(20:57:23) leashy513: wait go to thathomepage, it says it is in february
(20:57:28) jeff_tyrrill: ah, those are two different events, i see.
(20:57:38) leashy513: that must be something else
(20:57:40) jeff_tyrrill: ok, that makes more sense, being in portland.
(20:57:43) leashy513: ok
(20:58:01) jeff_tyrrill: i googled on "may 24, 2008" and "portland convention center" and found it :)
(20:58:04) bronise76: The asia celebration is the Eugene one I mentioned above
(20:58:07) leashy513: guys we shoul totally go to the one in Euguene in Feb
(20:58:22) jeff_tyrrill: didn't we only get a couple regs there last time?
(20:58:31) jeff_tyrrill: although we shared a booth so it didn't cost us anything.
(20:58:38) leashy513: there isn't much else going on at the time I am sure we could get people together
(20:59:24) bronise76: I think it was a good way to get out to an area we don't usually reach -- plus I wouldn't expect many registrations in Feb.
(20:59:34) leashy513: hmm well let's at least look in an see how much it costs but if we promote it enough we could at least get some of the Eugene forum crowd to sign up
(21:00:05) leashy513: out*
(21:00:14) leashy513: I don't want people to feel left our haha
(21:00:29) jeff_tyrrill: the one in eugene is $250
(21:00:35) leashy513: eek
(21:00:45) bronise76: Last year it was Vondan, RemSaveREM and Baby Sugarbear staffing it I think
(21:00:49) caiganmythfang: ack o.o
(21:00:56) bronise76: And we shared a table with Copic
(21:01:06) jeff_tyrrill: (the url says 2006 but it's linked from the main page area)
(21:01:08) leashy513: that is alot for somewhere we might not get alot fom but could we look to see if we can share with them again?
(21:01:33) bronise76: I have the copic lady's email - she just had a baby I think
(21:02:11) leashy513: I don't know why I am pushing this but I guess if it is organized then we could get the ball rolling
(21:02:34) leashy513: maybe we could even make a ad to hang up around the OSU campus to sign up for k-con
(21:03:06) jeff_tyrrill: i could have matt work on the sign, as he is planning to do signage again.
(21:03:15) caiganmythfang: hehe
(21:03:37) leashy513: I know some Eugene people just started an anime club I am going to infultrate them with fliers when we get the chance, then they can all promote for us, yay!
(21:04:20) jeff_tyrrill: i plan to have the changes to have clubs on the calendar shortly
(21:04:29) bronise76: (ninja) Ninja attack!
(21:04:32) leashy513: ack!
(21:04:33) jeff_tyrrill: so people can see it on the front page
(21:04:39) jeff_tyrrill: with mouseover hover
(21:04:50) leashy513: (pacman)(ninja) >D
(21:05:03) jeff_tyrrill: that must be the ninja email with the copic contact ^_^
(21:05:10) bronise76: :-)
(21:05:23) leashy513: i just ate your ninja
(21:05:43) caiganmythfang: I feel I'm missing out on emoticons since I'm using trillian and it has its own silly emoticons lol
(21:05:51) bronise76: Back to the starlight parade--?
(21:05:52) jeff_tyrrill: i'm hesitant on the asian celebration due to the cost but if we share with copic it might work.
(21:06:05) jeff_tyrrill: yeah pidgin has bad smileys it's annoying :)
(21:06:09) leashy513: I am on some meebo hing Sarak mentioned. ok DEFINITELY want to do starlight parade
(21:06:30) leashy513: could definitely draw some press too
(21:07:00) jeff_tyrrill: if we do the starlight parade would we make a float?
(21:07:07) leashy513: I actually bought a bunch of glow sticks at target last month, I had the starlight parade in mind I know it is forever away
(21:07:12) leashy513: no you can march in costume
(21:07:27) jeff_tyrrill: ok. that'd be cool if we got big enough though, although it'd have to be portland themed ^_^
(21:07:37) bronise76: I think that could get a lot of creative cosplayers excited - if we can get the word out early. Jeff -- I think it is $250 for a non-profit marching group (no float, but we could carry a banner)
(21:08:01) jeff_tyrrill: i think we can do the starlight parade then.
(21:08:03) leashy513: and Sarah said last year they had a bunch of storm troopers, so a ton of realy good looking anime costumes would be so cool
(21:08:11) jeff_tyrrill: yes it's $250.
(21:08:14) leashy513: and I am sure it would draw attention
(21:08:46) jeff_tyrrill: so, we can have up to 50 marchers in out "unit"...
(21:08:48) jeff_tyrrill: our
(21:09:25) leashy513: Sarah were you still thinking like "themed" cosplay like Sailor Starlights and such? Or just cool costumes?
(21:10:13) bronise76: Esp. if we get creative lighting effects, it could be really cool -- I know people who were talking about the Star Wars group afterwards. And yah, I was thinking a Twilight Princess Group and Sailor Starlights, but really, anyone who does something cool with lights on a costume :-) Looking for pics of the wookies...
(21:11:10) leashy513: I would love to contact some like really great costumes but I mean we can't say no to anyone really and I am sure we will not have trouble getting 50 people
(21:11:24) leashy513: they just for real need to show up
(21:11:27) jeff_tyrrill:
(21:11:36) jeff_tyrrill: a super maid squad
(21:11:45) jeff_tyrrill: like we had for the lines in 07
(21:11:47) leashy513: link won't work
(21:11:56) leashy513: I was in maid squad!
(21:12:00) leashy513: I am getting a new costume I hope
(21:12:14) leashy513: Does k-con have a banner or wuld we jsut make one?
(21:12:16) jeff_tyrrill: eh, the linked image isn't very good anyway, i just found it on google images
(21:12:26) jeff_tyrrill: i don't recall us having a banner, but it's been talked about
(21:12:37) bronise76: We don't have a banner - we should have one or two that could be reused at booths and such !
(21:12:40) jeff_tyrrill: i'll put that on the to-do list
(21:12:47) leashy513: even if we made on it would be fine as long as it didn't rip
(21:14:19) leashy513: Will it is nice to meet you! btw
(21:14:32) leashy513: hmm
(21:14:49) caiganmythfang: Nice to meet you too =)
(21:14:49) leashy513: if we could get a bunch of like cosplay groupst go though it would rock
(21:15:15) bronise76: BINGO!
(21:15:17) bronise76:
(21:15:24) leashy513: like I am sure we could find a Kingdom Hearts group or Final Fantasy, jsut groups with flashy stuff
(21:16:10) bronise76: They were under streetlights for thatshot, but you can see a little of how they were lit up, and they had light sabers.
(21:16:38) leashy513: omg for $250 that kind of publicity is umbeatable, like they ay you website and everything!
(21:16:53) jeff_tyrrill: we could make a youtube video and link it from our site
(21:17:04) leashy513: very true
(21:17:29) leashy513: Sarah that is so aweomse
(21:17:48) leashy513: and such a great idea and I can't type so I appologize to all who have to read this transcript
(21:18:16) jeff_tyrrill: it's ok :P
(21:18:32) bronise76: Not just my idea - it came from many people including Heidi I think - Jeff you are too funny!
(21:18:44) leashy513: ok when does that take place? Juneish?
(21:19:27) bronise76: Celebration Events: May 30-June 8 - I know this chat is getting long, but Jeff, what are your hesitations?
(21:20:21) jeff_tyrrill: wait...on the asian fest?
(21:20:54) bronise76: No -- I thought the :-P was in regard to the parade - or were you just making your feelings about storm troopers known?
(21:21:09) jeff_tyrrill: no just leashy saying she couldn't type that's all!
(21:21:11) leashy513: he was responding to me not being able to type
(21:21:17) leashy513: w00t
(21:21:18) jeff_tyrrill: no no the parade is a good idea, sorry for the confusion ^_^
(21:21:37) bronise76: Ok! Sorry for the misunderstanding!
(21:21:41) jeff_tyrrill: hehe
(21:21:49) jeff_tyrrill: i'm looking over the parade form
(21:22:04) jeff_tyrrill: i'm trying to see if they need approval or whether it's just you pay, you're in!
(21:22:11) jeff_tyrrill: i see the due date for mar. 2 so i'll make a note of that.
(21:22:54) leashy513: well I am sure if we just pay now and get it over with then it would be best as long as there is no application process
(21:23:22) jeff_tyrrill: yeah, the main thing is putting together our cosplay squad and organizing any partners/groups of people if they want to have matching costumes.
(21:24:01) bronise76: Okay -- I just remembered I have to be in to work early tomorrow so I will sign off. Now that I figured out this meebo thing, I think this is a good way to get a lot of stuff discussed between meeting.
(21:24:03) leashy513: I would just be most worried about people saying they want to do it and then flaking out as it gets closer
(21:24:33) leashy513: k I should go too, have to be up around 5am
(21:24:35) jeff_tyrrill: yeah. but i think people will think cosplay and the parade is fun, so we should be able to do it.
(21:24:44) leashy513: I agre
(21:24:57) jeff_tyrrill: ok. we can wrap this up now. i'll make a list of the to-do items from this chat. probably post the transcript tomorrow.
(21:25:01) bronise76: (jeff -- do you have the 2008 Starlight parade form or 2007?)
(21:25:08) jeff_tyrrill: oh!! 2007.
(21:25:09) leashy513: and anime=crazy hair and that will draw attention!
(21:25:11) jeff_tyrrill: good thing you pointed that out.
(21:25:44) bronise76: Yeah -- we should email the lady that sent that and check to see if they have 2008 yet...
(21:25:58) jeff_tyrrill:
(21:26:23) bronise76: Goodnigt everyone!
(21:26:31) leashy513: niight!
(21:26:35) bronise76 left the room.
(21:27:18) jeff_tyrrill: i'll try to find the 2008 form.
(21:27:57) jeff_tyrrill: well thanks for showing up everyone, in the next day or so i'll get this posted and the next few days send follow-up emails as needed about some of these items.
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First, a banner for booths sounds like a good idea.  I also like the idea of making a mockup with pieced together printouts so we get an idea how it will look and can tell if things aren't quite clear enough.  I'd recommend having small but ledgiable subtext before and after the primary mention of Kumoricon (possibly as clouds in a sky) that spell out the www. and .org parts of the name.  ('subtext' in this case meaning text that is less instantly visible, though not necessarily smaller.)

Second, the URL is broken... it seems to URL rewrite as a folder, then redirect to the main page as a custom index.
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