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« on: October 03, 2007, 11:35:21 am »
hello! :D
i am looking for some cosplayers in the seattle or lynnwood area to help with making some shorts spoofing some shows using anime characters!
i am looking to put a group together to do some anime spoofs on
some shows, mostly MTV's NeXt or Exposed (they are so frickin' funny
and pathetic you gotta laugh ;D)-and i now it would be great to use
anime if you cosplay as a character or have filming
equipment then let me know! all i have is a standard camcorder and a
few friends that will dress i need more creative minds or
people who really know the anime characters! and maybe this will be
BIG and we will have lots of fun! i would also like to do a Robot Chicken with anime figures (since i have a ton of figures)..but i need help.
feel free to contact me via MSN messanger at
or add me to your myspace at

Peace and Love :-*, dea
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