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DDR Tournament Rules and Prizes!
« on: September 03, 2004, 09:29:09 am »
Apologies for the lateness of this, but we've been busy hashing everything out. Expect a song list to follow today. Any questions please email me at or catch me on aim as sparkle541. Please don't hesitate to get any questions at all answered.

Sign up starts at 10am Sunday morning. This just takes a moment, and makes it easier for us to get everything running smoothly. Please stop by sometime before 11 and give us your name and badge number.

Qualifying/Style Round starts at 11am Sunday.

Technical Finals start at 4pm Sunday

Thanks to some hard work on the part of Kumori Con staff, we have what I personally consider to be some of the most awesome prizes ever.

The winner of the Style Round will take home a brand new Red Octane Soft Dance Pad. Red Octane is a leader in producing DDR equipment, and their soft pards are largly considered to be the best money can buy. I know I'd love to have one!

The winnder of the Technical Round will win a brand new Cobalt Flux hardpad! The cobalt flux is the fantasy of every ddr player. Each one is hand constructed. Take it from me, I bought a much cheaper pad, and the differences are massive. You'll love it!

Preliminaries / Style

The preliminaries will be held in the game room on September 5th at 11, featuring the songs from Stepmania.

When registering, we will ask what tournament(s) in which you will be competing: Style, Technical, or Both.  
·   Style will be scored by three judges. They will look at things like how much air (both feet leaving the ground) you get, bar usage, tricks, and the like. They will give scores based from 1-10. At the end of the tournament, the person with the highest score at the end of the tournament wins.
·   Technical will be a separate tournament, held after this event. The purpose of competing in this round would be for seeding. (see below)
·   Be sure and let us know which tournament you want to enter at the start of the round. Don’t worry about getting perfects if you’re participating in style – perfects are just a number used to pair you with an opponent in the technical round.  

General Rules:

Each player will choose a song, and the last song will be random. Know what song you are going to play before it is your turn. Let staff know what song you want to play; they will select the song for you.  Only staff is allowed to operate machines, so that we have time to record and process the scores fairly. These three songs will be added together to get a cumulative score, based scoring systems.
Mods that change the steps are not allowed (Shuffle, Right, Left, Mirror, Little, Freeze Off). Opponent does not have to match any mods you choose and Solo requires the consent of both players.
For seeding purposes, we will record the number of perfects to set up opponents in the Technical tournament. The highest score of perfects receives 1st spot, 2nd highest score in spot 2, and so forth with a maximum of 32 entries (assuming that you want to participate in the technical tournament). Competitors will be based on number awarded from seeding. Example: 1 will play 2, 3 will play 4, and so on.

Game On!
Tournament will be held on Sept 5 after the preliminary round in the gaming room, all skill levels are welcome to participate. However, you must compete (get seeded) in the preliminaries to reserve a spot in the tournament.

The tournament commences at 4 (or when preliminaries are finished)
If you are not present at the time of your turn, you will be disqualified.

Rules remain the same as in the preliminaries, except scoring will be based on the “Perfect Attack..

Judging will proceed as follows -
Tournament will be judged based on the “Perfect Attack” scoring system. The scores of all three songs will be added together to get a cumulative score. That will be your final score. The tournament will be run in the single elimination style, so the person with the lower score is eliminated while the other advances to the next round. Game play will continue until one person remains. Winner will be rewarded.

If less then 10 people participate in either tournament, it will be canceled.

Confused yet??

Basically, we're holding two tournaments in the space of one. Our first round will be the Qualifying/Style Round. Everyone will participate in this round! Here, if you want to just be judged on style, you can play whatever level you want. Just be sure to be stylish! If you want to be in the technical round, you play here on heavy to be seeded for it. Anyone can compete in the Style Round, no matter what level you play. Just make it interesting!