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Kumoricon 2007 AMV Pre-Show & Show - PLAYLISTS
« on: September 04, 2007, 09:03:32 pm »
Here are selected TITLES from the AMV Pre-show and Show play-lists.

For anyone who wishes to hunt some or all of these down - please feel free to post links here if you find any.

I will also bring my computer to the next several Kumoricon 2008 meetings so that people can leech their favorites.
Bring USB media or a computer with cat-V cable and they're all yours....


For Just One Day (Arjuna)
Soothing Rain (Claymore)
SOS Brigade-Forever
The Limit of the Sky
(Tales of Fantasia OVA)
Realities of Roy and Oland (Pumpkin Scissors and Solty Rei)
Hello-fairy (Bottle Fairy abuse)
Others (Variety)


Lucky Star OVERDRIVE (epileptic goodness)
B-vs-B (Berserk vs. Braveheart)
Karas are Coming
El Generalissimo (Azumanga Daioh & 'Patton' movie soundtrack)
Skies on Fire (the fun, foreign language Naruto one!)
Bleach Technique Beat
Livin' in the Fridge (Bebop)
Jihaku [Tyler] (the Foo Fighter mustache chewing on a mic a lot)
Royale Gamble (Death Note)
Rescue Angel (Yomigaeru Rescue Wings)
R-O-D Bunch of Authors
Morning Star (Chrno Cross)
Wild Dances (Kaleido Star)
FMP Air Force One
Code Monkey (Black Heaven)
So Fortunate (Bleach)
Date Balboa (Hajime no Ippo trailer)
MaiHIME - Stuck on the Battlefield
Red September (Bleach)
Please Teacher - GTA Yuppie and the Alien (Onegai Sensei)
Doctor's Got a Problem (Jungle wa Itsumo Hale nochi Guu)
Ockhamian (Dog-tato strangeness)
Magic Pad (Variety, by Nostromo_vx)
Yotsuba's Daydream (Azumanga Daioh &  original rendition of Yotsuba manga character in 2D & 3D CGI.)

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