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2007 August 25th GM Minutes
« on: August 27, 2007, 10:03:20 am »
Meeting called to order.
Meg Uhde, President, Presiding
Minutes taken by Tara Stasel (Fuller), Treasurer, and Ryan Stasel, Secretary.

Con book done, pocket guide done.  Schedules available on the website.
Press reg at door
Has been a success
Fat boy, K101.1, might plug Kumoricon.  Go Sara!

Overview of guests
Exhibitor hall and AA still full
250 volumes for Manga library,  probably closer to 300 said Sara

Many able to handle a few more skits
plushie parade, call for plushies
AMV: 600 ballots will be printed.
   Ironchef. BYOC. We will have an envelope that will contain a commercial dvd, a dvd with some fansubs, and a dvd with random raws. Bring your own music, we’ll also have a selection of music.
Karaoke: up and going. Reg for it is closing today, so we don’t have a final count.
We have CCTV!
Schedule is online.
There is wireless access in the hotel. It is generally pay for. You can also get wireless at the park.

Radio training.
Don’t push the call button.
Push the talk button, wait about 1 second, then talk in a reasonably voice. Do not yell. Do not hold the radio close to your mouth. Hold it like a cell phone, or about 6 inches from your mouth. Radios will be checked in and out of Ops nightly.
Ops staff: be here Friday.  There will be a staff meeting Friday evening. We’ll also need everyone possible to set up.
There are two parking garages, and a big empty parking lot.
Stage steel is allowed, live steel is not. NO PROJECTILE weapons.
No masks in the lobby. Convention space is okay.

Last year we had issues with people blocking hallways for photoshoots. If they are blocking the hall and creating a traffic flow issue, please ask them to leave and go to a designated area. If they’re just taking photos, but not blocking a hall, then they are okay.

Sak Gear will be here around Friday at noon.

If you have any issues with the hotel, or have any questions about anything with the hotel, please go to Rian Mueller (guspasho in the forums).
Exhibitors hall will be secure.
To lock and unlock rooms, the hotel liaison can contact the hotel and they can lock/unlock the room.

Charity auction last year produced money from badge #1, and from a few other outstanding bills remaining. The remaining ended up being about $614. Pear works with homeless youth from the ages of 16-24 years of age. They take no state or federal money.

Motion to read the August 11th, 2007 minutes for ratification. Approved by acclimation. Official objection of proceedings by Secretary Ryan Stasel.

Meeting minutes for 8/11/07 read by Treasurer Tara Stasel (Fuller).

Membership had no adjustments.  Agreed with all comments.
Ratified by acclimation.

Meeting closed.
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