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Looking to trade or sell some manga
« on: August 12, 2007, 09:20:40 pm »
I have several volumes of manga and one anime that I no longer like and am looking to trade or sell. I am willing to sell the manga for $5 each (though I'll negotiate :3) and the DVD for for $2.50, but I'd much rather trade them. All volumes are in excellent condition and have very little shelf wear. If you buy multiple volumes at a time, I'll even cut the price a little. :3 I have:

Tsubasa v. 1-5
Fruits Basket v. 1-9 (volumes 1-6 have a special box which I will give to the first trader or buyer who asks for it.)
Fruits Basket v. 11 and 12
Fruits Basket Japanese Companion Book

Fruits Basket Promotional Video (Episodes 1 and 2; dubbed and subbed as well as bonus features on the making of)

As for what I'd like to trade for, I'm open to suggestions so tell me what you'd like to trade and I'll tell you if I'm interesting. However, some manga and goods that I'm especially looking for include: pretty much any Kino no Tabi or Mushishi good, Kino no Tabi v. 1 (I already have it, but my version is rather... *ahem* well loved XD), Mushishi v. 1, Mushishi v. 2, Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok v. 2 and up, any volumes of Saint Tail, and any volume of Sailor Moon except for English volume 6 and Japanese reprint volume 6.

So post here or send me a PM with any offers and we can set up a time and place to meet at the con. :3

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