Author Topic: NOW Selling 8 manga (including one novel); from FMA to Inu to Wolf's Rain!  (Read 1766 times)

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FullMetal Alchemist volume 3; fair condition, back cover is creased.
Hyper Police volume 2; good condition, a little bit of damage to the tips of the covers.
Inuyasha volume 6; pretty nice condition, a few indents and slight bends.
La Esperanza volume 1; good condition.
Love Hina the Novel volume 1; good condition, small indents on covers, little damage to tops of front cover.
Naruto volume 9; basically mint condition.
Rurouni Kenshin volume 1; basically mint condition.
Wolf's Rain volume 1; basically mint condition.

All of these manga (and one novel) will for for $5 each. I think it's cheap enough. |D

Now; this is my first time at Kumoricon, so... try not to complicate the meeting place. But I will be able to find it with the help from my friend who's gone to Kcon before. : D Just look for the girl in a blue kitty hat. <3

EDIT: FMA will be going for $3 instead of $5 because it isn't in the greatest state. Poor FMA. <///3

EDIT: I have MSN; you can contact me there to set things up more easily. I'm on quite a bit.
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