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Tekkon Kinkreet at Cinema 21 Portland - July 27 - Aug 2
« on: July 29, 2007, 03:09:52 pm »

What: Tekkon Kinkreet
When: Showing: One Week: July 27 - August 2
Showtimes: Nightly 8:35, late Sat 10:30 plus Sat-Sun 4:30

Theatrical Premiere! (2006, 100 minutes)

The back-story on Tekkon kinkreet is almost as interesting as the film itself. Based on a manga by Taiyo Matsumoto called Black and White and published by Kodansha, the film began life as a short subject made by American filmmaker Michael Arias (a producer on Animatrix), who found himself obsessed with the subject matter, as well as '60s Tokyo in general (the title is a blend of the Japanese words for "iron," "concrete," and "muscles"). The short became a cult sensation in Asia, leading to the creation of toys and eventually to a feature film. The tale concerns two street kids named Black (voiced by Alex Fernandez) and White (Yu Aoi). Black is a teenager with visions of comic book heroism, while White is a boy who may be an idiot savant. These vigilantes-in-training are waging war against mobsters who want to build an amusement park in the ancient heart of their beloved city, Treasure Town.

How Much:(unless otherwise noted - cash or check only; sorry, no credit or debit cards.)
General Admission (shows starting after 6PM)    $8.00
Students, shows starting after 6PM (with I.D.)    $7.00
General Admission (shows starting before 6PM)    $6.00
Students, shows starting before 6PM (with I.D.)    $5.00
Seniors (62 and older), Children all shows    $4.00
First show Sat, Sun, Holidays All Seats
noted in ()    $4.00

Box office opens 1/2 hour before first show of the day. Note: tickets are available for same-day shows only - no advance tickets for future dates are available unless otherwise noted.

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Re: Tekkon Kinkreet at Cinema 21 Portland - July 27 - Aug 2
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2007, 07:26:05 pm »
The Bijou in Eugene is playing Paprika.

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