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2007 March 11th GM Minutes
« on: May 22, 2007, 03:55:51 pm »
General meeting starts 2:26 p.m.
Presiding: Meg Uhde
Sarah Bartash, Acting Secretary

-Staff badges coming right before the con...
-Eric’s birthday!!!
-Intro to staff ‘n everyone
-Bylaws: Staff will look at draft #2 and vote on at staff retreat
-Charter: in draft phase, hopefully vote on also by the retreat
-Hotel: working on for 2008
-Registration: 189 total registered attendees, 5 VIPs (much higher than 2006)
-All but 8 people who have registered in 1st tier badges mailed. No recorded losses.
-Around May meeting = 2nd tier stuffing party
-Test barcode at June (at hotel)
-Staff badge designed
-At Door Registration: working on improved checking system, VIP package pass outs, run through at hotel June or July
-Website: staff stuff (look at calendar), FAQ, newsletter (Sarah B. re-pitched to potential authors), Tabs, current = info, reg, hotel, calendar, events, gaming, guests, faq, gallery, forms, staff, contact, forums. To add =  vendor info, ad sheets, table cost, member perks, Add policy tab, other ideas?

Publicity –
    ChibiChibi in Olympia WA–Mar. 17: Sarah, Lili, Josh and a volunteer, EveOf Abyss
    SakuraCon – April 6-8: Vallie and Meg have volunteers (not sure who...? I have the following ST members who have stated they are going to Sakura if we want / need to ask them for help: Dane from Bend, Rose in Battleground WA, )
    Sakura Festival – April 21: Josh, Heidi, Jaz, Chris, Tom, Vallie and possibly Lili volunteered to staff this.
  Call for more outreach volunteers
  Media Contacts   
    Asian Paper
    Advertising –
      Con book
      Press releases   - due dates? (Magazines have long lead time)
  Newsletter update

Operations – Brownie had to miss meeting, Yojimbo training scheduled, registration going well, staff training for yojimbo? need more info, policies are posted – staff need to read (there will be a quiz)

Relations: selling tables, working on contracts, guests = Applegeeks

Programming: forms now available for download, manga reading room will be where programming and panelists will meet on first day for a 9 a.m. meeting, there was a link to layouts (what room is going to be what) constructed by Tom.

Staff retreat: 1970s, school for the blind, located in Sandy, sleeps 48 like summer camp, gazebo will not attack you, actually it’s friendly and has it’s own kitchen, price? lodge, game room, fire pit (no hamster wheel) the only work will be bylaws and charter and power point power point, iron chef staff

Pocky Club integration

Questions / Comments:
  good response to badges
  Questions about where to send people blocking the halls trying to take photos (suggestions include outside to nice park, area on first floor that has large open area)
  Salem CONvoy – meet in Chemeketa college parking lot – 10 a.m. Thurs. morning.
  we have a nurse, she has a room, we meet her this a.m. says Meg.
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