Author Topic: 2007 January 21st GM Minutes  (Read 4857 times)

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2007 January 21st GM Minutes
« on: May 22, 2007, 03:48:11 pm »

   1. Show off the final badge design.
   2. Announce that the first prereg mailout will be happening week of Jan 22nd-Jan 26th.
         A. We have not gotten many responses for additional required info. Badge mail out may be small due to this.
   3. Refunds, Transfers, etc (Discussed in Board meeting).
   4. Curfew and Closing time for Con. Should a curfew exist? What content past curfew? Who does curfew affect?
   5. Policies should still be posted by the 25th.
   6. Bylaws are being rewritten to clarify language, and better define what AN is, and how it can better work toward it’s goals of putting on Entertaining events!
   7. Current Prereg numbers (127 as of Friday at 11am), notice that Prereg price has gone up (to $30 until April 30th).
   8. Department Announcements (Ops, Programming, Publicity, Relations)
   9. Any items that may have come up during the Board meeting that need to be brought to the attention of the general staff, and/or public.
  10. Department Breakout and Staff Registration time


1. Badge design. We’ve got basic badge designs done. Woohoo.  

2. Mail out will happen: this week (as long as letterhead and holokote appear). Mail should go out saturday.  Which means policies will be up by 29th of January.

3. no.

4. Curfew and closing time for the con: 12am is curfew. Adult programming requires state issued ID. Con closes at 2am. Con starts at 10am on Saturday. reg opens at 8am on Saturday. Prereg pickup from 6-10pm friday night.

5. policies posted by next monday.

6. Notice given on bylaws. Bylaws will be approved and public by february meeting, which will be posted by the end of the day.

7. 128 registered, 1 VIP pass already. =)

8.    Ops, no real announcements. Doing well so far. No major staff positions open (
   Programming: Forms are done. People wanting to do panels, etc, we have forms ready for people. Contest rules and contest forms are almost done. Will be up on the website soon. No manager level positions open, coordinators open, please contest brenda (
   Publicity: Street team starts. =) Flyers and posters are ready, as well as letters for businesses to advertise in the conbook, etc. News letter is going to be starting soon. News letter should be out march or april, then second issue out couple months later. Anyone who is good at editorial, copy editing, etc, please contact Jeff (
   Relations: No update due to Sean not being here.  Please contact with any questions, comments, etc. Interested in what is going to be on the gallery wall on the 2nd floor. Asian Art, Manga, etc. Could we ask the hotel if they have anything that is “Asian-esk” that might be more inline with what Kumoricon Attendees are going to be interested in.

9. No.  Other points from the general staff: volunteer signup sheet. Check in with Sarah for street team info.

10. breakout.
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