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Sakura-CON-voy! Salem to Seattle
« on: April 03, 2007, 09:20:15 pm »
Quote from: "Anime Matrix"
Hi, I live in Salem, Oregon, and I've been talking with a lot of other Oregonians who are going to Sakura-Con. We got to thinking there needs to be a "Sakura-Con or BUST" Convoy! Starting In Eugene, and making stops in Salem and Portland.


What: Oregon "Sakura-Con or BUST!" Convoy!

Salem Meeting Place
When Thursday, April 5th,  9-10 AM

Where: Chemeketa Community College, Green lot.

Who: All Oregonian Otaku.

Why: To make sure everyone gets to Sakura-Con Safely!

We will also have washable car-marker-type-writing-stuff to write "SC or BUST!" and stuff on our cars! ^_^

If anyone in the Eugene and Portland areas want to join us, post you meeting time and places!

See y'all at Sakura-Con!!!



Sorry it's late o.0 thought it was already posted.... Uhm... See you all at Sakuracon? *runs away*