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2007 February 10th GM Minutes
« on: May 22, 2007, 03:39:35 pm »
AN General Meeting 2/10/07
Ryan Stasel, Secretary

Meg Udhe Presiding:

0. Diva spiel
   Space might be a good fit for a Eugene Gaming Con (smaller than 256 probably). Display of art contest entries, etc.

1. Registration Update
   153 (including 6 mailings, 3 VIPs, and 1 child). Staff badges will be given out at a meeting rather than mailed.

2. Other events Kumoricon is at in the coming months.
   Chinese New Year celebration is today! We’re there. Registration is there today. Badges will be mailed out Monday for people that register there.
   SakuraCon will also have priority mail out (or if we have power, we can hand it to you then.
   Asian Festival. We’ll be there if we have the volunteers. Registration there, but badges will have to be mailed.
   Uwajimaya festival this year, April 21st. In portland, registration there.

3. Staff Area Update
   Staff area of the website will be launched within the week.  This gives access the the staff list, documentation (street team letter, department meetings, etc). Will offer coordination for groups, etc. Easy way to get in touch with staff.

4. Department Updates
   A. Programming: Position Open for contact person.  Needs to find people that programming might want to bring to the con that wouldn’t be handled by Relations. Needs Art Show coordinator.
   B. Operations: needs mook(s). Spreadsheet is now done and available for maintaining records for volunteer hours. yay!
   C. Relations update (provided by Meg). We have our first guest! Applegeeks (webcomic artists). More guests in the works, but nothing ready to announce.
   D. Publicity: Still needs staff positions: content coordinator (content creator), editors, layout, and a press manager. Even if people don’t want to sign up, any staff is welcome to write articles for the news letter, and submit them to publicity.  Ideas will be posted soon.

5. General questions: staff rate for hotel, please register under the kumoricon group rate, and toward the end of the registration time, we will move those people into the staff rate. Do we want to prioritize who gets staff rate (managers before coordinators, etc)? Sounds like the group code might not be working.

Adjourned, Breakout.
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