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Accepting Commissions!
« on: January 15, 2007, 08:23:10 pm »
Not sure if this belongs here, if not then please remove: for examples of my work.

Commission Rules & Guidelines
Please read carefully, the has been throughly updated.
All commissions are done digitally on computer, unless stated otherwise.


Digital Ink $5
Color $15
Additional Character $5


Digital Ink $10
Color $20
Additional Character $10

Full Body

Digital Ink $15
Color $30
Additional Character $15

Commission Rules:  All commissions are done in Open Canvas 4.0 and sometimes finished in Photoshop 6.0. Payment due in half or in full before commission is started. If you back out of the commission, you will not be refunded. Payment by Paypal only, no E-checks! If you do not give me enough information about the character(s) and I draw them a bit different than what you wanted, I cannot change the entire picture. Small changes okay, such as eye color or smiling, etc. Please provide as much reference and information as possible. If you want sketch progress reports, PLEASE tell me before I begin. Pics will not have a background! Backgrounds will cost extra. Please understand that my life comes first! PLEASE be patient with recieving your art. Do not bug me about it or you will be refunded and I will cancel the commission. However I try not to take long, and I always keep in touch if things are getting out of hand.

Contact Information: Email - grandfinalefin [at] gmail dot com or AIM - ShedaNeko or PM me here.

THINGS I WILL DRAW (Please note that these are subject to change at ANY time, and there may be pairings I will say "NO" to) : Anime-style, anime-anthro, fanart, original characters, Sonic characters, chibi, tasteful nudity, shonen-ai, shoujo-ai, dolls, and pairings (canon or non-canon). Shonen-ai and shoujo-ai are touchy subjects for me, just ask if you are unsure.  I'm not against it, but some of it I refuse to draw.

THINGS I WILL NOT DRAW: Realism, yaoi, yuri, hentai, non-anime anthro, vore, fat-art, grotesque, heavy blood, and scary. I will also no draw anything suggestive that I am not comfortable doing. I may not have listed all things, but please note me if there is something you're unsure of. Thanks for understanding.

Copyright Usage: Once you have paid for a commission from me and recieved it, all I ask is that you do not claim the art as your own or alter it in any way. I also ask that you do not sell my artwork for your own gain.  Other than that, it's yours and you can do whatever else you want with it.

First come, first served. It basically goes that whomever pays me first gets their commission first. Thanks.