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K2007-MEP -> First Music Track List UP!!!
« on: December 30, 2006, 12:29:22 pm »
OK - (and I hope this works!) - here's the URL:

Mp3's are up, bu these are lower quality. We will be compositing the actual project using WAV's.

Answers to a summary of your previous questions:

Q1. [Are] you gonna show this in the pre-show of the '07 AMV contest?
A1. As long as it gets DONE and we can pull things together, I intend to show it either immediately before or immediately following the contest AMVs. We'll have two or three hours for AMV events that are made prior to the con. Don't forget that this next time I will be winging an IRON CHEF competition. Obviously though, the results of that will be shown at some other timeslot late in the con. (Monday morning, maybe?) so that competitors will have a good 36 hours or more to CRANK.

Q2. Do you mind if I throw some clips your way?
A2. PLEEZ DO. You can e-mail me at

if you remove all five 'r's from the above.

Q3. How many responses have been given to this project so far, including PM's and such?
I only a few PMs at my account at No one has 'claimed' anything yet, though which is why there is still so much blank space on the project page. But things should start picking up now that there are some tracks up.

Also, 'SHORT' isn't necessarily a problem. Although some projects like the DDRs and AMV Hell(s) are 30-45 minutes, or even an hour long, there have been some very funny WTF-type projects even though they are only a few minutes long and have only 6 or 8 segments. Certainly I am hoping for 10+ minutes, but basically we'll just throw in as see what we come up with.

Though the charts have 12 slots, we don't absolutely HAVE to fill in all 12 of any category; 12 is more like a max so that a given theme doesn't get 'old.' Also, if there is sufficient interest, any of you can suggest a NEW category to add to or replace stuff that's already up.

Q4. (Expressed in several ways)
Are we signing up to do specific bits, say I want to do a classroom antic, does that take one of those slots, leaving 11 slots in that category? If so, what's been claimed so far?  So, basically we choose a variety of footage with a track you will supply for us?

When you go to , you will see a bunch of blank charts, each headed up by a description of the theme of that particular 'phase' or segment. The music mix phases have mp3's you can d/l. As far as legality, I believe that we are within the bounds of FAIR USE because (a) this is a PARODY WORK <parody is protected>, and (b) the amount of music referenced for each track is a SMALL fraction of each of the artists' original works: 10 to 23 second slices.

Nothing has been definatively 'claimed' so far. Several people are writing with interest ("I wanna do this!") but so far the field is still 100% open.

1. Select any track & come up with your idea for the track. You get to choose the anime show if it's a music mix phase. If it's any of the other phases, you get to choose the show AND the music.

2. Contact me, preferably by private e-mail, and list the phase plus your anime & music selections. I will then enter the info on the chart, so that idea will be 'TAKEN' unless you release it. ("Sounded good on paper but when I actually made it, it wasn't funny." Or something like that.) I will only list your nickname or initials in the chart.

3. I will contact people periodically for status updates. Some of these things can be slapped together within days or weeks.  When you are ready with a final version, let me know and we will arrange for how to transfer it to me, either electronically, or you can dump a CD or DVD in the mail to the project address.

- G

PS: HERE is a great source of ideas for the 'Halisen' portion:

PPS: And the rest of the site is pretty funny to boot.