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Call for Karaoke volunteers and judges!
« on: August 05, 2004, 09:24:25 pm »
The search goes on to find helpers for the various forms of Karaoke planned for this year's Kumori Con!

We have volunteer positions for ALL levels of experience, so you can be sure we'll have something for you!

Also, I believe all volunteer positions below will be subject to the standard volunteer benefits. If you want to know more about benefits, contact Tazmy, the Volunteer Coordinator, for more information. Her email is .
Note: Send all volunteer offers to me, Radien, via PM. If you'd like a tech position, please contact me via PM and email Tazmy.

Job: Karaoke Room supervision
Time of day: Any time you have free, in blocks of at least an hour.
Experience needed: None whatsoever, but we'd like to show you how to use the machine so you can help the con-goers use it. It should be pretty simple.
Responsibilities: Just be there to make sure the karaoke machine equipment doesn't get broken or disappear, and also to help con-goers use the machine properly and regulate a line/waiting list if it gets busy.
# of People needed: Many! We will keep it open 24 hours/day if possible.

Job: Open Mic Host
Time of day: Right after the Karaoke Contest on Saturday evening. The duration of Open Mic will vary according to public interest and the endurance of the hosts. Expect at least 2 hours, but plan on being occupied the rest of the evening unless you request to trade off.
Experience needed: You need to be comfortable talking on a mic in front of an audience. Basically, a little stage presence. That's all.
Responsibilities: Keep a signup/waiting list for open mic performers, give introductions, and be generally welcoming and friendly. You can perform, too, if you want. Just don't hog the stage. ;)
# of People needed: Two at any given time. If it goes for a long time, trading off is a possibility.

Job: Karaoke Contest Judge
Time of day: Saturday evening. Also possibly an audition period on Friday or earlier on Saturday.
Experience needed: Any experience with vocal music/performance, Japanese language, or karaoke contests. The more experience the better. I will accept the people I believe are the most qualified, possibly one for each area of expertise.
Responsibilities: Stay for the entire Karaoke contest, and possibly auditions before that (TBA). Judge the entrants on a variety of criteria. Judges will be provided judging sheets and a list of the criteria to judge by. After the contest, the judges will adjourn to compare notes and assign the awards (also TBA), then announce them on stage.
# of People needed: Three is ideal, but this number is flexible. I may act as one of the judges myself depending on how things turn out.

Tazmy, if you are reading this, I'll be emailing you a summary of these volunteer requirements pretty soon.
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