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Hope this is the right forum for this
« on: November 08, 2006, 02:13:27 pm »
I hope this is the right forum for this topic. I had a hard time telling if this should be posted here or in General Discussion.

I've got an absolutely crazy GW fanfic about Heero and Duo that I recently started working on and am looking for some ideas for it. The fic is something that would appeal to yaoi and non/yaoi fans alike and has a Jackass style of humor, even though the fic does have it's share of the usual GW elements. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to post them or PM me.

Here's what the story's about. Note: This plot description is pretty lengthy.

The GW scientists have started creating suits for the Gundam pilots to that can enhance the powers of the mobils suits. The suits work by having the pilot wear it while piloting the MS and the suits are made in a way where clothing can't be worn underneath them. After the scientists create ones for Wing Zero and Deathscythe, they start to work on ones for Heavyarms, Shenlong and Sandrock, but realize that the suits have catastrophic consequences if they get into the wrong hands and as soon as they realize it, they dismantle the final three they started workoing on. However, after the suits for Wing Zero and Deathscythe were finished, the scientists gave them to Heero and Duo before they started working on the other three. And at the same time, some of the people from Oz have been working on a powerful weapon for fighting enemies and the final ingredient for it happens to be an object that's made out of the ingredients that the scientists used to make the MS-enhancing suits. Oz finds out that the scientists had created a couple of them and after finding out, they go on a hunt for the two of them. Oz's first plan is to go after Wing Zero and Deathscythe, since that's where the suits are most likely to be. Heero and Duo are traveling through the colonies in their MS's while wearing the MS-enhancing suits when they get a message from the scientists. The scientists inform them of the consequences and that the suits must be disposed of as quickly as possible. Heero and Duo agree. The people at Oz who want to create the weapon have good intentions, but don't realize that creating the weapon is too big a risk, even when using it with extreme caution. At the same time, there are also people at Oz who are against the weapon being created with Noin and Hilde being among them. Noin and Hilde inform Heero and Duo to meet up with them at an Oz building to have the suits dismantled, since only Oz buildings have a device that's able to dismantle the suits. Heero and Duo show up at the building Hilde and Noin are at, but before they can get to them, Oz guards who want the weapon created, capture Heero and Duo and have them stripped of their suits and thrown into a prison cell. So the plot is, Heero and Duo have to get out of prison, retrieve the suits, meet up with Hilde and Noin and have the suits dismantled.