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K2007 Multi-Editor Project URL - up !
« on: September 26, 2006, 11:01:53 pm »
Here is the URL for the K2007 Multi-Editor Project!
We can modify things as we go.

NOTE: The only connection with Kumoricon and the "K2007 Multieditor Project" is that we intend to premiere the project - whatever it turns out to be - at Kumoricon 2007. The completed project will likely end up on as well.

Participation in & discussion of this project have absolutely -NO- bearing on other AMV-related events at Kumoricon. As such, EVERYONE is welcome to chip in. (Compare that to the Kumoricon AMV Contest, where for example someone who submits an entry shouldn't be on the judges' panel.)

I will be announcing this project on other boards as well, and all here are welcome to spread the word. I hope to be able to manage this project by simple e-mail exchanges and updates at the project website. I will -not- create any sort of g-mail or Yahoo group because those often require cookies, logins, etc, and I will not impose those sorts of demeaning requirements on any would-be participants. I have kept the page source code VERY simple so that it reads correctly on as many older & non-Windows based platforms as possible.

We will be creating & releasing two music mixes later on in the project. Meanwhile, it works like the AMV-Hell projects: for each clip, both the audio & anime content are up to the creator.

We may post still images onto the project website from time to time.

Let's make this HILARIOUS!

- G