Author Topic: Kumoricon 2007 staff and volunteer signup  (Read 17945 times)

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Re: Kumoricon 2007 staff and volunteer signup
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1) Lori Ballentine
2) lori0202 at yahoo dot com
3) Loroo
4) do I have to?  38, I think...
5) Volunteer or Staff.  Don't know what is available or needed.  Of note, I am in a wheelchair and need assistance getting around so I can't do "running" activities or need to move from place to place without a lot of warning...  But I sit well.  :P  I would really like to do something connected to ADA compliance since I know this is an issue at other cons I attend (and the hotel already told me all of their wheelchair accessible rooms are booked for the weekend).  I know how to crack a whip to keep an aisle clear (or to accidentally run over a beautiful costume when people don't hear me or dart in front of my wheelchair...)   ::)