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Complaints aside, another great year
« on: September 05, 2006, 11:50:20 pm »
Apart from the preregistration disaster and some usual mix-ups, my wife and I did enjoy ourselves again this year.

In particular the staff in dealer's room and people running the music video room were quite nice.  There were minor delays for events and very few video or audio problems like usually seen at conventions such as Anime Expo.  Some of the events I did enjoy were the Anime Dating Game (though, cross-ventilation would have been nice), and Bakazoku (which had cross ventilation).  I do think it a bit strange to have to be 18+ to listen to Bakazoku talk about sex, bodily excretions, and swear words, which is hardly foreign subject matter to those able to watch PG movies.  I thought it was cool that they could stay after the official 2AM end.

Cosplay...I do get a bit exasperated when I don't know what the heck's going on half the time, but I did enjoy most of the polished performances.  And there were actually quite a few memorable moments.

Piano Squall put on a great performance.  A-Key-Ko (Kyo?) had some good songs, though a little bass-heavy.  In regards to their upcoming concert:  I'm not sure what the average Uwajimaya customer might think of live J-Pop in store.

As for next year.  What about a meet-the-guests dinner?  What about 18+ H videos at night?  For cosplay, all pre-recorded skits?

Again, another good year (IMHO) as an attendee.  Thanks to all the volunteers and others.