Author Topic: COPIC-sponsored art contests for COPIC prizes!  (Read 3510 times)

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COPIC-sponsored art contests for COPIC prizes!
« on: August 31, 2006, 05:53:52 pm »
Just a reminder: All Creation Station art programming is sponsored by COPIC, the world's premier manga markers! Used by the likes of CLAMP!

And yep, we got 'em, .....not only to borrow within our room for our contests, but also as prizes!

Copic markers, ink pens, pencil cases, how-to books, posters, and coloring pages.......

You know you want 'em!

Contest categories include:
Restless Spirit
Black & White
Computer Generated
Coloring pages--inking thereof
Coloring pages--filling in thereof

We also have contests: Art-into-Fic (someone writes a fanfic about your art), and Fic-into-Art (you illustrate someone's fanfic).

See you there!
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