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Artist Alley set-up time
« on: August 27, 2006, 09:48:33 am »
I am an artist at the con this year and I have an 11am panel and I just wanted to see if there is any way I could set up around 10 and if my friend can come in and sit at my booth while I'm off doing the panel?  I just wanted to make sure I will be there ontime for the vending room to open and what time that opens.

Could anyone just tell me the time the room opens and if someone could please watch my booth while I am off at the panel?  I'll only be gone an hour or less depending.  I'm in charge of the copic marker coloring contest and demonstration and I have alot of people visiting me this year so I wanted to be sure I get to the booth ontime and in time to set up.  I have alot to set up.

Thank you so much.
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