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What I've been up to
« on: August 07, 2006, 05:36:15 pm »
I doubt anybody has been wondering, but this is some of what I've been up to in the fanfic department, lately.



An Azumanga Daioh Fan Fiction

by Michael Hopcroft

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Azumanga Daioh. That honor goes to Kiyohiko Azuma and his representatives. I am just borrowing the cast in the Great Doujin Spirit.

The Sunday Study group in Chiyo Mihama's house was in full swing. Which meant, of course, that Yomi was studying, Tomo was reading manga, Osaka was fast asleep with her head resting comfortably on the heated table, Sakaki was engrossed in the latest incredibly cute doings of the Iriomote Kitten, Mayaa, and Kagura was struggling to grasp a concept in her textbook that she was getting ready to ask Chiyo about.

She would have, too, had Chiyo actually been in the room.

“Where did Chiyo-chan go?” Kagura asked, not even really knowing if she should expect an answer.

Yomi grunted “Kitchen, she said..”

“We just got here, so why is she getting snacks already?”

“SNACKS!” Tomo chirped. “Snacks! Snacks! I want snacks!”

“If you want snacks, Tomo, would it be too much to ask for you to actually come to the study group and, I don't know, STUDY?” Yomi barked out.

“I am studying!”

“And I'm sure if a question on how to break into the vault at Fort Knox was on the entrance exam, you'd have it nailed. Lupin has his place...”

“Yeah, my bed!”

“Baka! Besides, why would you want Lupin anyway?”

“You must be one of those people who think Jigen is sexier.”

“Damn straight. Jigen is – WHAT AM I DOING? I have to concentrate on mathematics now!” If a turning neck made noise, Yomi's would have been like a slamming door as it turned away from Tomo.

The door to Chiyo's room opened. “H! I'm back!” Chiyo walked in carrying a tray with a pitcher and six glasses.

“Snacks?” Tomo asked.

“Just drinks this time. I made lemonade. Snacks are later.”

Osaka stirred slightly. “I smell lemons. I smell lots and lots of lemons.”

“That's right, Osaka!” Chiyo chirped. “They just came in season and we bought a lot of them! I have a Lemon Feather cake and a couple of lemon pies in the oven. So I hope you guys really like the taste of lemons, because it's going to be all over the place. So please, everybody have some lemonade.”

The girls all gathered round the little side table Chiyo had set up and grabbed glasses of lemonade.

Tomo chugged hers down in one gulp. “Ah! That hits the spot!”

Yomi sipped hers pensively, wondering what she would have to do to work it off.

Sakaki drank hers appreciatively.

“You're not going to offer a sip to Mayaa?” Chiyo asked.

“No point.”

“Iriomote cats don't like sweets?” Kagura asked.

“They can't TASTE sweet. None of the cats can. They're carnivores so they don't need to. All Maya would taste would be the sour and bitter flavors from the lemons, and he wouldn't like it.”

Chiyo stared down an eager Mr. Tadakichi. “None for you, Mr. Tadakichi!” The massive dog pensively looked down.

“Gee,” Osaka said, “he must understand you, Chiyo-chan.” She took a large sip from her lemonade. “This is good.”

“Thanks. And now that we're all together, let's get this organized.”

“Organized?” Tomo asked.

“Yeah, I've been watching you guys. It looks like I'm going to have to chain you down and really crack the whip on you if you're going to make it through the entrance exams!”

Suddenly am image appeared unbidden in the minds of all five girl – the image of little Chiyo-chan, clad shoulder-to-toe in shiny black latex, cracking a whip over the heads of the other girls as they sat literally bound to their desks with plastic ball-gags affixed to their mouths. Little Chiyo was shouting “Study! Study! Your Queen commands you to STUDY! Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho!”

“Kawaii...” the five girls said in unison.

In reality, Chiyo was bewildered. “I wonder if I really want to know what just happened...”


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